Entering special (accented) characters using the remote app for iPhone

This has been mentioned a few times on the forum before, but I've not come across a satisfactory (or any) solution.

I've been trying to correct the title on a few of the movies in my library (by choosing the Edit title contextual option). The on screen keyboard has no option for entering special accented characters (ü, é, etc.).

Now the keyboard on the XBMC iPhone remote app DOES allow me to enter these special characters, however XBMC simply ignores any such characters being selected.

I'm using the IOS version on the ATV2, but not sure if it's specific to that version, or if it's something that's common to all versions.

If this is not possible at all, what's the best way to do it? Getting an sqlite editor to manipulate the db directly?

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So, I've managed to correct the titles on the movies in my library. If anyone's interested, I copied the movie database off the ATV2 and used the SQLite Manager addon for Firefox (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox...e-manager/) to open the db file and manually edit the titles. Copied the database file back up to the ATV2 and restarted XMBC. Works a treat.
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Entering special (accented) characters using the remote app for iPhone00