Old look of PM3.HD
I recently updated from an older build to "Dharma". When I went to set my good old PM3.HD skin I was horrified. What has happened to the clean sleek look PM3.HD had before? Is there a way to get rid of the brushed metal look introduced and somehow replace it with the older graphics?
Well I think "Horrified" is a little harsh Smile but give me a day or two and I'll make you a skin theme with the old ones
Here you go since its a quicky

Quote:This is a Theme for PM3.HD containing the original textures before it got re-imaged.
To use this extract the .xbt file into the "media" folder of skin.pm3-hd and restart XBMC (if you using the skin currently) then go into "settings --> Apperance" and set the " - Theme" spinner to "PM3_HD_Old_School"
Thanks a bunch Jezz_X :-D.
The new look is nice also I guess, but really not my taste. To edgy somehow…
But this old sleek and slick look I just love.
This is no longer needed btw because the theme is included in the in xbmc repo version of the skin
Have we lost old school view on PM·.HD 2.1.0 Apple Tv Build?

What a pity!! I love classic view, is there any way of reuse it?

thx a lot Jezz
You should still be able to go into settings\appearance and set the "theme" option to "Old_School"
Thanks a lot Jezz,

Solved updating via sftp to 2.1.0

Thanks again, I can't find a good substitute for pm3 (it must be tradition, but i love it)
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