[AppleTV 1] atv/linux sub forum possible?
thnmnt Wrote:atv/linux is a specific enough hardware/software combo that it may deserve it's own walled garden.


pmcd Wrote:Sam's image is great. Have a look at openelec, though the install is not as easy.

The problem I have now is finding any of these images, discussions, etc ... I seem to spend more time trying to find them then using them!


Tried both and I still like Sam's image. It is just because it is based on Ubuntu that I am familair with and I have been able to setup more software with it.

I added Sabnzbd, Utorrent, skype with a working webcam and thinking of making my content availble online for myself so I can just make changes to my files even if I am not home.

I have always wanted a small server at home and woul dhave never imagined that the apple TV would be the one. it is low end hardware so quiet to run and probably cheap and at the same time the CPU is fast enough to handle small server operations. I noticed that the palyback is not even affected even with some background process.

I think I have been sidetracked a bit but all this to say that we need a sub forum so we can talk about these little things. At the moment the subforum is really the Sam's image thread and everything gets dumped there.

I just wanted to know if there was easy guides with open elec in terms of extra software install? The Ubuntu community is so big that anything I want to install takes me a couple of minutes to figure out through Google.

Yes, yes, please, a sub-forum would be great. Just got my second ATV1 (the first one is a fileserver in another location running Leopard 10.5.8) set up with Sam's image and would like to use it for more than just XBMC media playback. However, there's a lot of wading through ways of trying to extend its capabilities; I'd actually like to add an external RAID enclosure and have it do duty as a home media fileserver...

frumpy_uk Wrote:bump

Sam has released his image

Funny, I was just thinking where to look for info... in the Apple/MAC section or the Linux section.... YES to subforum!
Running ATV1/Linux (no Apple OS on machine).
Would like to try Sam's new image also!
I agree all round !
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