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What's the coolest thing XBMC can do?
Just wanted to make a thread where people can share all the cool things about XBMC. I've been using XBMC since about 2005 when I first learned how to mod an xbox, I still remember my friends wanting to use the Slayers Dash... till I convinced them that XBMC was more than a video player.... it was actually a great Dashboard.

Anyways.... Here are the things I'm most excited about!

The new Trailer Button - Being able to easily access a movie trailer for my DVDs is great! My girlfriend hasn't seen many of my favorite movies and I can easily give her a synopsis with the click of a button.

Visualizations! - I remember during a party someone asked me, "Is that actually going along with the music?" Apparently XBMC looks pretty bad ass on a 40 inch LED TV.

What do you love most about XBMC?
The scrapers. Big Grin Pure awesomeness... having all of the movie and TV show information at your fingertips!
For me that's gotta be Cinema Experience (Trivia, Trailers, ads, etc) before each movie.
That and the rotating cd art always amazes anyone who sees it!

as above, i used to use my xbox as my media player. back then (when it was xbmp) i was so happy to have a set top that played divx.

now in my opinion, the coolest thing xbmc can do for me is just scraping and library support. its all i use really, so thats it. basic! just glad xbmc has vdpau Smile
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Sorry for the dupe thread, realized it should've been posted here right after I hit the submit.

So is Cinema Experience just an add-on? Sounds pretty cool!
I have an SACD/DVD-A player.... only a few SACDs.... any way to convert them?
Yes... Cinema Experience
Cinema Experience is just an add-on more info here :

should have refreshed my browser window before posting Wink
Streaming iPlayer and Al Jazeera to my living room.

And making my huge collection of media look FANTASTIC.

iLLNESS's screenshot was taken on my 14th birthday... Rofl That was a long time ago!
Reading pretty much any video format you throw at it. Zipped ISOs : hello?!?! Scrappers, addons to get the web at your fingertips (Youtube on a TV) or integrate with other apps JDownloader, BitTorrent, etc.

More than that, being able to customize it to do pretty much anything a PC can do! Not like a closed, bloatware purchased system.

See this thread for display of integration with my weather station. Since then I added some notification on the home page when my backup gets too old and it's time to make a new one. Pure geekness.

Anything can stream videos, XBOX 360 works but its just a boring file list. The Library and the skins that present the Library is where XBMC shines...

The little addition I love most is TV Logos...

Check out The Carmichael - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Night - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Unfinished - A Skin For XBMC
It displays media beautifully. Coupled with Hulu, Icefilms and a few emulators launched from Advanced Launcher application, my HTPC is a powerful rig for all of my media types.
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The thing I like the most, is the ability to integrate it with other apps like SickBeard and CouchPotato, making a near fully automatic media center that displays artwork beautifully.

That and the option to play trailers at the click of a button.

The bad thing, is despite it being pretty automated, it's also great to tinker with a constantly update with cool new feautures. I suppose this is a good thing too! Laugh
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XBMC with boblight is pretty cool
bobo1on1 Wrote:XBMC with boblight is pretty cool

WOW!!!!!! I think I have a new project!
I have to say, i've tried Mediaportal, Meedios, etc. but XBMC is ultimative in Customization, for all the settings you can access via gui, without an infinity of Settings via seperate configurations. Since Dharma is out all these features via addons is pure in simplicity. Ofcourse there are other things that separates XBMC with other MC's, like TV Logo, ClearArt, CDArt, Extrathumbs, Extrafanart, recently Added etc. ... to style up the look and increase the "Wow" effect for everyone ...
So thumbs up for the Best Multimedia Center out there !

What's the coolest thing XBMC can do?00