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Xbox 360 running XBMC (XBMC for Xbox360?) port possible someday?
(manx @ may 26 2005,16:14 Wrote:pangit - probably the biggest reason to want xbmc for the 360 is hd content. there isn't much of any today, but that's changing rapidly as we speak. when it's more and more prevalent, you're going to find yourself with hd content that xbmc on the current xbox can't process.
exactly, hd content is probably the major reason why people would love to see an xbox 360 port.

i'm in the uk and although we don't have hd yet it's coming next year. hd is obviously the future. heck i even have quite  a few hd videos myself now even though i can't make use of then fully.

xbmc is a truly wonderful app and i've been using and supporting it since the days of xbmp.

i'm just really hoping we can see a port becuase of hd. it's the one area where xbmc is lacking due to the limitations of the hardware.

of course there are many obsticles to overcome first, not least the development side of it, it's going to be a lot harder to develop software for the 360 due to the platform requirements Sad and that's assuming we see the machine itself get hacked any time soon.
oh and don't forget avc encodes. even when not encoded to hd the xbox will more than likely struggle to playback these.
for people i mod for they mainly ask 2 things now (bar a few software issues that im trying to sort out now to make it easier for them) is power off/on on remote and quitier. these are solved in new system so these are some more reasons y id like even a direct port of xbmc for xbox 360
again, it is fun to speculate on the future (i predict rocket-packs :lolSmile however the xbmc on xbox360 discussion is still moot until someone actually hacked/worked-around or cracked the xbox360 security and a public mod been released for it, ...thus thinking about porting xbmc to xbox360 is more or less point-less (until a such mod comes out), but it will be be a huge task but not impossible (as xbox360 will be kind-of directx/win64-based, plus mplayer/ffmpeg supports powerpc), ...and if microsoft is not just braging about the capabilities of thier upcomming xbox360 xna software development kit (will work with vs.net 2005 and directx 10 sdk?) then it should make the porting/development transition a little smoother.
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now things are a little closer what are your thoughts - xbmc on the 360?
i know it may be early still but some of you guys who really have your ear to the ground may know something Smile


the videos part of the 360 will only be capable of running videos from a media center pc, right?
yeah, and vista when it comes out (at least out of the box), plus its not going to do many formats Sad
i find it annoying that microsoft have expressed their discontent with users who bought the xbox to mod it for other purposes (including us xbmc users), and have tried to do something of a media center for the 360, yet don't go all the way by letting us play everything we have on our pcs. no divx/xvid support? Rolleyes please! even bargain basement dvd players can play this these days! my hope for it to play hd mpeg-2 .ts files seems like a pipe dream at this point. all they are doing by omitting features is making it all the more desirable to find a way to hack the new machine and unlock it's true potential!

besides games, i dont believe the 360 (even after it's hacked) will be much better than xbmc... indeed, hd movies from blockbuster are still years away (if ms hd becomes standard...) and the lack of 3.5 hd bay is a big drawback!
i would love to see xbmc ported to the xbox360. because, as already mentioned, microsoft will only support their mediacenter and their own codec, which no one cares about.

but it will take a while until a modchip is developed. ok, a few prototypes have been leadked, which gaves the modchip devs a few months of investigation already. but still i think it will take a while. microsoft leared their lesson from the current xbox; security will be much stronger. but let's relax, wait and see and enjoy the current xbmc Smile
well there is some h264 content that the xbox can't play that well right now. plus working around the 64mb of memory is a bitch. running custom code on the 360 will be quite the challenge since they've built drm right into the die as opposed to sitting in the bios on the board tsop. however there are people who made a lot of money making modchips for the xbox and they have quite a few talented people who crack these things.
i think the makers of xbmc should go totaly legit. they have made a incredible bit of software here. one that many people only buy an xbox to use. i know many people that never play games, ranging from kids to parents that use xbmc. personly i find this software to be easly production quality.

why not release it as a fully legit product. i'd buy it and many others would as well. i know that m$ has a media player built into the 360 but i seriously dought that it will in any way rival xbmc. the developers here totaly know wat they are doing. the 360 already has interchangable harddrives, networking, everything it needs for xbmc to run.. without the need to chip it. only if the software was legitimized.

as far as m$ gose, why wouldn't they want such a terrific bit of software with so many users sold for there system. plus it would give these top notch developers some cash for their hard spent time.

mabey there are problems with the source being so public, sharing source with other feeware apps .. namly mplayer.

either way i am counting the time untill the hackers crack the 360 code, for i know that it will be the major reason to upgrade to the 360. i really hope that these guys move the development into the 360.

:bowdown: all hail the xbmc developers :bowdown:

if/when xbox360 is hacked like the xbox how hard is going to be to port xbmc to xbox360? and will it be ported to the 360?
if/when xbox360 is hacked like the xbox how hard is going to be to port xbmc to xbox360? and will it be ported to the 360?
there could be some potential good news (well maybe not for the programming guys who've got alot of work to do :o), but its looking like the xbox360 might not need modding to get things going.
take a look at this.
as well as that little gem theres the news about the demo dvds...
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Xbox 360 running XBMC (XBMC for Xbox360?) port possible someday?3
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