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Newbie wants to edit confluence home page
ok, I'm new to linux and new to xbmc but pretty competent most of the time. I'm a career IT Engineer for windows systems, XBMC is my way into learning about linux and how it works so be gentle.

Now, what i'm wanting is a way to add my youtube plugin (and eventually others) to my homepage in the default confluence skin.

only problem is at this moment i cant even find the confluence files let alone figure out how to edit them.

I'm sure everyone has a thousand more important things to be getting on and developing but if someone can give me a few pointers and links i'll be on my way,

current install is XBMC-Standalone on ubuntu 10.10 with gnome desktop.

I've found this and a few other bits and bobs about but need some pointers.
Just found this

but i dont have a ~/skin/

[email protected]:~/.xbmc/addons$ cd ~
[email protected]:~$ cd /skin
bash: cd: /skin: No such file or directory
[email protected]:~$ ls -a
.              Documents         .gstreamer-0.10   Network Share              .themes
..             Downloads         .gtk-bookmarks    .nvidia-settings-rc        .thumbnails
.adobe         .esd_auth         .gvfs             Pictures                   Videos
.bash_history  .evolution        .ICEauthority     .pki                       .xbmc
.bash_logout   examples.desktop  .icons            .profile                   xbmc_crashlog-20110130_132101.log
.bashrc        .fontconfig       .local            Public                     xbmc_crashlog-20110201_011331.log
.cache         .gconf            .macromedia       .pulse                     .xscreensaver-getimage.cache
.compiz        .gconfd           .mission-control  .pulse-cookie              .xsession-errors
.config        .gksu.lock        .mozilla          .recently-used.xbel        .xsession-errors.old
core           .gnome2           Music             scripts                    .xsessionrc
.dbus          .gnome2_private   .mythtv           .sudo_as_admin_successful
Desktop        .gshutdown        .nautilus         Templates
[email protected]:~/.xbmc/addons$ ls -a
.                                   script.lrclyrics             skin.back-row
..                                 packages                             script.module.beautifulsoup  skin.mediastream_redux
IPlayer                    script.module.simplejson     skin.night      plugin.program.utorrent              script.randomitems           skin.pm3-hd           script.recentlyadded         skin.shade                script.rss.editor            skin.transparency             skin.xperience                     script.web.viewer            webinterface.awx                  script.favourites                    script.xbmc.subtitles        webinterface.wtouch                   skin.alaska                  webinterface.XWMM                  script.logo-downloader               skin.alaska.revisited.mod
[email protected]:~/.xbmc/addons$
ok, found this

the instructions are to copy and paste the zip contents into the skin.confluence folder

this folder is found in /usr/share/xbmc/addons

it is owned by root and thus a quick

sudo chmod 777 -R /usr/share/xbmc/

was needed in order to allow me to paste into the folder

after that, start xbmc and goto settings>skins>Custom Home

you will need to make sure you have favorited the items you want to link to, find teh item and right click select favorite.

Newbie wants to edit confluence home page00