[Windows]Rom Browser freezing
No, not yet. This is planned for one of the next versions. Atm you can only edit config.xml manually or delete the config file to start the wizard again.

So the wizard will ask me?

I'm using mameui32, with the full compliment of titles. I can't see why this won't work.

BTW, it looks good btw. I'd like to know if you'd be good doing a 4th display option, with the name on the left and a large screenshot on the right with the marquee on the top or something of the like.
Ok I'm looking in the config folder and in the possible mismatches file is 33k. It looks to be the entire MAME listing.
How did you name your files? RCB expects them to be in the short MAME format like "2020bb.zip", "altbeast.zip" etc.

There is no name matching or title guessing for MAME roms. RCB will go directly to the maws page with the romname (without extension): http://maws.mameworld.info/maws/romset/alienar
Yep, that's how they are named. As of now it says I have zero games after the rescan yet under the scrapeResult_possibleMismatches file it looks like the entire distro is there. Mameui32 reports i've got over 8900 romsets in there.
If the games are listed in "scrapeResult_possibleMismatches" they should have been imported. And it is normal that you have all your MAME roms in there as all rom names differ from the game names.

How big is your "MyGames.db" (file size) and what does the scrapeResult_missingDesc say?

Do you still have your xbmc.log from the game import? You could upload it to pastebin and link it here that I can have a look at it.
the MyGames.db file is about 8.5mb.

Unfortunately i don't still have the log, I disabled it when I did the import.

Just an update here, it crashed, then when I went back to rerun it Rom Browser was no longer there but the files were in the folder. Reinstalled it and it is now re-loading the list of games.
Ok, 8.5mb means that it imported a lot of games. So it is no problem with the import, it is a problem with browsing/filtering.

Did you try to navigate around with the arrow keys? Try to change filter settings (Select a console or a first character, ...). There is an option "Prevent unfiltered search", this will stop displaying games when no filter settings are applied (to avoid loading 20k rom files). Also if your only filter setting is the console and you have 8k MAME roms you should wait 5-10 secs that RCB can build the list of your roms.
I was able to get it to load everything. So far it seems stable when the game list is displayed on the right side, but I need to test more. This time logging is turned on.
So far it's looking good...

So now I have a question..how do I customize the remote keys while I'm in RCB?
I spoke too soon.

Had it going, looking good with all 8k MAME games.

Quit XBMC, my config disappeared. It's asking me to create another one.

This is getting tiring. When it works though, it works great.
Uh? Never had or heard about this issue. Did you check in your userdata folder if the config.xml and MyGames.db is still present? Did you make other changes to your system that may have whiped your userdata folder?
I will have to check tonight. I'm also going to add my Atari 5200 and NES stuff as well.
Haven't forgotten. My nettop died.
Ok, I tried starting it again and it froze. Had to kill xbmc to get it back. Now logging. Installed MESS to handle my a5200 collection.

BTW, why does it always start with Resident Evil as the background?
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