Best Skin for Apple Tv 2?
What is the Best working Skin for it?
Bump I would like to know this too.
Whats the lightest most resource friendly skin available to get it running 100%?
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PM3 HD runs extremely quick.
Confluence is working really well with the new build that was released yesterday.
For me, Alaska Revised (everything turned on) works best so far.

latest XBMC for aTV2.
yeah i like alaska reloaded
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Night is working well for me
Cirrus and Simplicity work both great.
SLik (by me) I hear is good on ATV2
Night skin is just awsome
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simplistic and this modification of alaska:
seem to work pretty well for me. my setup is slowed up a bit by using a mysql database, but the menus are both very fast, just changing between views and getting into the tv show library or movie library is a little slow
Quite a few look and run well. Night has been good as well as aeon nox. My fav though is transparency.
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my favourite is xTV SAF. It works perfect for me, is very quick and i like the look as it is similar to the frontrow Wink

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Confluence Is by far the fastest. Only problem with xtv is that when I go in to movies it still brings up Tv shows
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