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[original post deleted - it seems a lot (if not all) rendered films could be easily accessible, but there's really no point in posting them all here..]
Yep, but there's no need for it so I just deleted, besides its not even the full list...
ok... yeah it does seem incomplete and you're right. I'll delete my post as well.
here are a few more... from what i can see there's no need for the megaupload links, unless someone asks for them

theatre intro lucasfilm 720p

feature movie universal 720p

feature film lionsgate

if anyone has any suggestions on what text you'd like to have attached to which free intro template show on the vipidme site just let me know. i'd be happy "cook" one up for you Big Grin
i would like to get the links on there, so i can put them on my PC
I'll have the universal one if anyone has it ^_^
Is there any other sites or software that does this? I went to VipID and there seems to be some issue going on. I went to the "new" site, with the "new" owners and I was hoping for a bit more options.

Any other suggestions that don't require formal training and lengthy experience? Smile
Just a quick note for those that want to save the files they create from the free account...

If you go to the "My Videos" page after you create your video, right-click a blank area on the site and choose "View Page Source". Do a search for "http://d3stzszue4x9wz.cloudfront.net/content/" and you'll find a link to your file.

For instance, you should see something like this:

Quote:$(document).ready(function() {
player = jwplayer("player").setup({
flashplayer: "/site_media/static/player/player.swf",
provider: 'video',
file: 'http://d3stzszue4x9wz.cloudfront.net/content/XXXX_your_username/YYYY_pixar/YYYY_pixar.mp4',

image: 'http://ivipid.com/site_media/content/templates/vipids/7/example_image_2.jpg.640x360_q80_crop-smart.jpg',

wmode: 'opaque',
allowfullscreen: 'false',
allowscriptaccess: 'always',
autostart: 'false',
bufferlength: 3,
height: 360,
width: 640,
displayheight: 360,
displaywidth: 640
ok question now that megaupload
is shut down. where can i find
some kool slide packs & Intro's
& more?
bigjon216 Wrote:ok question now that megaupload
is shut down. where can i find
some kool slide packs & Intro's
& more?

Have you tried looking on YouTube, there's a bunch of 'examples' on there.
anyone know where i can download this feature presentations, know that megaupload is down
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Take a look at page 2, post 15 at this thread!
There you can find all downloads working Wink


Places to find slides and all others stuff read through all the pages
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