Any new skins for the iPhone 4 yet?
It's really difficult to use as it is - any skins or plugins / patches to make it better yet?

Been a few weeks since launch so I suspect something is happening somewhere?


Bump - does the new update address the fact it's impossible to navigate / use on the iPhone 4?

Mainly long lists of files cannot be scrolled, and its hard to navigate..
Considering the iOS port has only been out a few weeks and it can take months to design and develop a new skin, I'd say be a little more patient.
I'd be glad to pay/donate for an iphone skin. With XBMC on iOs we got a supreme software for free !
Is 'LeLa' any good for you iPhone users?

Havnt tried it - just a thought.
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As mentioned above, there are no skins specifically for iPhone, but I read on one of the other threads on this forum that xTV SAF works fairly well for iPhone.

There's also a skin in development which is specifically aimed at touch screens. From the screen shots it looks like some of the controls may be a bit fiddly for iPhone, but this skin might work fairly well for iPad users:
betty_middle Wrote:Excuse me if I'm wrong, but are these not iPhone 4 skins?
im trying to decide if this is a joke, you trying to advertise, or if you really are this.....slow.

wow lol
Hi guys, I'm trying to start a team, to build a new cool skin. Details here: All believers aboard!
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Any new skins for the iPhone 4 yet?00