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XBMC and Serviio and a laptop
Hi. I have installed XBMC on a laptop and using Serviio on my server. this server and Serviio are mainly set up to serv my Samsung LED-TV DLNA. But i also want to wiew the same shared files on my laptop. XBMC is in Serviio viewed as a generic DLNA profile,and status is green. All the files that are shared by Serviio are showing up in XBMC on my laptop as they are displayed on my TV. But I can not play them.

Edit; Found a solution that works; just point XBMC to the folder(s)/file(s) that you know Serviio have added to its library. Do not point to Serviio in UPnP devices.

XBMC and Serviio and a laptop00