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I'm a bit new with Xbmc, installed it, add night skin and tried it to found some nice and unpleasant things... No mouse control ? Really ?? On a media center working on windows Huh The second one being how am I supposed to quit Xbmc with that skin without any utton at all in the home screen (forced to switch back to confluence first) ?
XBMC is designed to function without a mouse. Instead it focuses on having an applience feel (like a store bought media player). The idea is to have a htpc that functions like a set top box. Many of us also have our computers built into cases that look like A/V equipment rather than computers all in an attempt to hide the fact that it is running on a computer.

That being said, some skins handle mouse support rather well while others flat out don't support it at all.

You can purchase a Windows Media Center remote on the cheap and it works out of the box with XBMC. Please check into some of the Windows Remote Threads before purchasing. Ask us questions, we will help you find the correct remote.

As for closing XBMC you can press S on the keyboard. This brings up a context menu. The contents of the menu vary depending on the skin that you are using. Most of them have a quit xbmc or shutdown button in this context menu. I believe that night does have a quit option.

I assume you want to quit XBMC because you want to launch another program. If this is the case you may want to look into the Advanced Launcher Application. It launches programs and emulators from within XBMC and then once you close the launched program it returns back to XBMC. Again, just another attempt at masking the fact that this is software running on a computer.
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Night has a Home Menu Button named Shutdown that shut down Xbmc.

Mouse control in a Media Center is crap, really.
It just seems odd to me that a skin could possibly not support a mouse. What extra effort could it possibly take to support a mouse, if the default skin supports it? If the underlying framework that the skins are built upon is built well, it shouldn't be something that needs to be "added" or "supported" it should just ... "be". Its a mouse for christ sake. Is there any developer with insight into why a skin could so atrociously support a mouse? Is it really so complicated to give all skins basic mouse support? Sounds like a major failure/oversight in the Skinning system's design philosophy.
well i am not sure about you
but in my skin (night skin) the mouse does wrks
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