Refresh meta data of single item remotely
Hey, I'm developing an app to download movie meta data and save it to the movies folder as nfo and jpg files. It gets loaded fine the first time, but if the user decides to change the poster image for a movie, or any of the meta data etc, after it has already initially been imported into the library. I would like to be able to make a webservice call to refresh that specific item in their XBMC library.

Currently, the only way I can do this in XBMC is to select the item, go to "Movie Information", click "Refresh", and select "No" when it says "Locally stored information found. Ignore and refresh from internet?" Is there a way to perform this all with the JSON RPC api, or the HTTP api? Or even the EventServer? Or even better... is there any way to make XBMC detect changes to any of those associated meta data files in its library and update the items data if it finds they have been modified?

Any help would be appreciated.
missing this feature for a long time.
found the only way to do this atm is to delete the movie dataset (and all references to it) from the xbmc database and then do a rescan.
you may also need to set the strHash column in the paths table to an empty string to tell xbmc it should rescan the directory (if no filenames have changed in there).

should be quite easy to implement for sqlite and mysql databases.
after 8 years... is there just an option now??
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