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I looked through the forum very briefly and read the requirements for posting, but I can't get any of the information.


I installed XBMC onto my appletv2 and it was working perfect (made a patchstick via usbatv2 - creator) . I played around with the xbmc side of it and it was great. Then I went back out to the atv2 side of things and noticed the tweaks section. I started downloading the tweaks that were recommended and now my atv2 still works however, I cannot see the home screen at all anymore.

The box turns on, I can see the first initial video when it boots up, and then nothing. If I leave it long enough, the screen saver comes on, and if I use my iphone as a remote I can still access everything.

Any help would be amazing. If somebody could even just point me into the direction of how to uninstall and reinitialize atv2 to factory settings that will probably do the trick.

Are you sure it's an apple tv2? If you used a USB stick to jailbreak it, it's an apple tv 1, not an apple tv 2.

I only have an atv2 so I'm sorry but can't help you with atv1 issues Sad
sorry, Yeah I guess its a ATV1.

So I went into my terminal and entered this: (provided from )

ssh appletv.local" class="mycode_email">[email protected]appletv.local

delete launcher and XBMC / Boxee

sudo rm -rf /Applications/{Boxee,XBMC}.app/
sudo rm -rf /System/Library/CoreServices/

remove settings of Boxee and XBMC:

rm -rf /Users/frontrow/Library/Application\ Support/{BOXEE,XBMC}/

reboot and that's it

sudo reboot

And everything seemed to work in Terminal... But I still have the same problem. Can't see the home page on ATV. I know its working though because I can access everything through my iphone, the screen saver still comes up and when music or videos are playing, it pops up on the screen.

I also used ATVPWN and reset the apt to factory settings and it is still giving me the exact same problem as mentioned above. Any help at all would be amazing.

Has anybody had this problem?
check the apple website for a full restore guide.
Check out my stationery blog-
check the apple website for a full restore guide.
Check out my stationery blog-
It's an issue with one of your plugins. Think it's software menu.
Do this:

sudo rm -rf /System/Library/CoreServices/
Thanks a bunch guys, will try it out tonight
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