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Slideshow animation.
Let's say I have a list container and each item in the list has two fanart images attached to it. I'm attempting to make an image control (or set of image controls) that will fade in and out alternately essentially creating a slideshow between the two images. I'm messing with the fade animation along with pulsing and stuff, but there is no delay on the pulses themselves, so it just goes very fast. I want to be able to sit on each image for about 4-5 seconds or so before the transition.

Can anyone with skinning experience point me in the right direction?
If a multiimage control it's:


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mcborzu Wrote:If a multiimage control it's:

Essentially I want a multiimage, except the images are not alone in a single path, but rather two properties of the container item. If you know how to make a multiimage that doesn't take a path but rather a series of paths directly to images, then that's what I need.

Thanks for your response.

By the way, sorry about posting in the wrong forum. Can a mod move this to skin development, please? Thank you.

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