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[Mini-ITX] Atom 330 2x1.6Ghz + ION1 (BareBone) $186
i say No!
damn, do you know any good cases that look like a dvd player, I just want it to fit in with an entertainment system?
I think you should be fine with 65W... the ION mobo should to around 40W (and I think I'm exagerating) and the Bluray drive won't use 25W. I think you are fine.
65w, for Standard Drive + dvd/bluray Combo drive?

i still say No!
I vouch for the ASRock Atom A330ION
even 60w should be fine for ion + hdd + odd (doesn't matter what kind) as long as u wont add more for example external usb hdd
Antec Power Supply Calculator
eskro using this one u will end up with 150w or more. Those calculators showing way higher usage than it really can be. For desktop its good to have "backup" power for future upgrades but for sff its just stupid.
the results I'm having for a mini itx system with 2 ram sticks, a standard sata hdd and a bluray drive is 117 W.. do you realize how much power 117W actually is? I can't believe what I'm getting.

If gigabyte is selling a case for a mini itx system, which fit in regular 3,5" HDDs and 5,25" optical units with a 65 W is because it should be fine.
Awesome build.
Excellent system! After I got all the remote control kinks worked out it just screams! I added 2g of DDR3 1333 ram and a 500G gig WD Caviar Blue sata 3gbs drive. Money very well spent!
Will a remote Power ON / OFF this unit ?
ASrock Ion 330HT - XBMCFreak 10.1 Lucid LiveCD. Everything works but System sounds over HDMI.

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[Mini-ITX] Atom 330 2x1.6Ghz + ION1 (BareBone) $18600