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Sorttv help..
I've been reading a lot of stuff and trying to figure this out but I can't seem to get it working. Very frustrating.

Anyways, I got as far as...
when I did the cpan everythings says OK except for
Cannot install file: Glob, don't know what it is try the command i /File::Glob/

I changed the /home/cliffe/sorttv.log: to C:/Users/Jake Bacon/Documents/sorttv/sorttv.log

Now all I get is Sorting C:/Users/Jake Bacon/Videos/TV / into / C:/Users/Jake Bacon/Videos/TV2
But it doesn't actually do anything?

I am using this on windows 7
I can't figure out what I have to do at this point or what step I missed..

Sorttv help..00