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TV Shows: mixed display of banners/posters
I tried to read through the previous threads on this issue.

I have a banner.jpg in each of the TV show folders. However, only some of them actually show up on the remote.

I read that it might an issue of not accessing the remote file, so it pulls from XBMC's cache. I use the Transparency skin which uses posters, so if that is true it would make sense that it pulls the poster from cache.

Is there an easy way to load these banner.jpg into xbmc's cache where the remote will then show the right banner.jpg, regardless of it finds it in the remote file location? Huh

Hopefully this makes sense, only other solution seems to be to delete all the banner.jpgs since the inconsistency is the most annoying part Blush
I have the same problem, half of my shows display as banners, the other half as posters, but banner.jpg exists in every folder.
I've tried purging the remote's cache and reloading with the same issue.

I opened all the banner.jpg's right before downloading all the TV Show banners to ensure that none of the drives were spun down (since that was posited as a possible reason). The same problem.

If there could be an option added either to:
1. Never display banners, or
2. Manually download banner.jpg when they fail to load the first time
I'm running XBMC remote on HTC Wildfire to control XBMC 10.1 (default skin Confluence).
I have a folder.jpg (contains banner) each of the TV show folders.
Non of them Banners and Posters for Season show up on the remote, but there is no problem for Movie posters.
How to resolve this issue?

Thanks for any tips
Same problem here.
Have mixed banners and posters. Both jpg files are available in tv shows folders.

Some one any idea how to.fix?
Using HTC Sense + latest app and nightly build.
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I used to have this issue, but since a reformat of my HTPC it's gone. But I had posters/banner mixed up.

I'd actually like an option to pick Posters over banners as then you can see how many episodes/seasons you have.
Agreed. An "always use X" option would be nice. I too have the same issue of some shows displaying posters (only three out of 30ish shows at this point) and the rest banners. That's using Aeon Nox on 10.1
Don't think Aeon Nox has anything to do with this problem. It's pure XBMC itself
Problem still exist even when I did a complete new install with all the necessary files present.
Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, read this first
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Did anyone make any progress with this?

I have the same problem with some of my anime. On TVDB they've all got banners but when scraped only half of them show up with banners on the android remote. I also tried manually downloading the banners as suggested.

It's quite annoying, all my movies and TV Shows have downloaded perfectly but there's 10 or so anime series that just won't display with banners.
I have this same problem on my asus transformer... even if i go to the menu and make it download covers it still has mixed banner/poster... I just want posters with no huge ugly banner options in there at all.
I'm also having this problem. It's not that I hate either one, but I prefer banners on the phone, they look much better. Smile banner.jpg and poster.jpg exist in all folders, and XBMC itself doesn't have any problems using either, so I'm just not sure what's going on. Anybody have any suggestions?
Well XBMC only stores one thumbnail and that is the one used by the android remote. The fact that you use skins that support a myriad of different image types like banners, posters, clearart, logo by using skin hacks does not mean that XBMC stores all those images (that's why it's called "skin hack") and therefore they are not directly available to the android remote.
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I'm also having this problem. Is there any solution?
Hey guys,

wow this problem is unsolved for a long time and I was hoping to find a solution. I know this is for Android users but I couldn't find a thread for iOS users so I'm posting in here ;-)

I'm running XBMC 12RC3 on a MacMini and using the official remote on my iPhone4. This far everything's running perfect! In XBMC I set up my TV Shows to InfoWall with Logos! But I still downloaded all the banners, posters, ClearArt etc. manually in XBMC via Info/artwork...

So if I'm using the remote in the tv show section there's a weird thing going on. Some days it shows me the posters (with the info next to it just like the movie section) but most days it just creates a banner out of the posters.
I tried like every setting in Aeon Nox. Changed all the viewtype settings etc. Nothing! It usually always appears with this annoying poster banners or what ever I should call them...

If I would delete every banner would I get only posters on my remote? Is there a possibility for a remote update covering this long term issue?

I really appreciate the work everyone is doing and I love XBMC ... I'd never change but this problem is known for 2 years now and not even an answer by someone who knows about this kind of stuff?

Please help us, I'm sure there are a lot more people out there with the same problem!


P.S.: Hi Montellese, what is a skin hack? I don't really understand programing terms ... sorry for that! But if I get it right it means that even if I "downloaded" the banners, posters etc. it doesn't actually mean they're on my HDD? So why can't we change that so every image is saved serperated on the HDD. A couple of hundret jpeg's shouldn't fill up my hard drive in these days... and my remote would work perfectly. Or did I get it wrong? Otherwise, why is there no option in the remote app so I can decide what viewtype setting I prefer?! ...

P.S.S.: Using an unofficial remote (XBMoteC) I don't have the problem! The app is by far not as good an nice looking but it does pick the posters right away. No banner problems at all!

Thanks for any help / suggestions.

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