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I am running XBMC Live Dharma with an HP IR receiver. For the purpose of completeness and the future of this thread, I think it would be beneficial to have a definitive configuration process outlined.

I have been reading multiple Harmony configuration threads and it is difficult to sift out the old and outdated information and find the relevant posts for configuring the Harmony One. There are so many topics and threads available that it is information overload. Sad

I am asking the community what steps I should take to get my Harmony One working properly (from start to beginning). I have already completed most of the steps... but I thought it would help others more to see the whole process. Big Grin

What I have done so far is the following:
  • Plug in HP IR Receiver
  • Configure IR receiver/ensure it is detected
  • Attempted to run IRW (connection refused, but the remote is detecting key presses and works for some buttons)
  • Added my HTPC as a Windows Media Center PC (MCE) on the Harmony Software
  • Started manually configuring buttons in Logitech Harmony Software
  • ...
  • I do not know where to go from here to map the buttons properly and get things working smoothly. Please help!

Is the process I am taking correct?! I would really appreciate some expert advise from someone who has experience configuring a Harmony One in XBMC Live. From testing the IR receiver to configuring and mapping the buttons on the remote. Nod

Thank You!! I am looking forward to your replies...

For the record, I have looked at information in these threads:

My HP IR receiver is detected by LIRC (lsusb to see device attached) and is included in the LIRC database for receivers. As I said, the receiver is able to receive key presses, but IRW does not allow connection for me to test that way.

*UPDATE*: I gave up on using XBMCFreak because it was duplicating key presses and doing strange things. I am using OpenELEC without any issues. I cannot speak to my experience with vanilla XBMC Live since it was not working correctly with my GT430 when I tried to use it.
I think the lack of replies to this thread is enough evidence to prove my point Wink

Can anyone offer a definitive solution for my above concerns?
I found all information i needed in this thread
to get my cheap ebay hp ir receiver (1934:5168) to work with my harmony 700.
Yea, these are more Harmony and/or ubuntu related questions. We can provide some help here, but the wealth of information is really elsewhere.

irw not running seems like a small problem with permissions or handware.conf. More logging would be helpful. Probably hit ubuntu forums or similar searchign for exaclty the string that gets returned.

lirc not seeing all of your button presses is likely a Harmony issue. Not all buttons are active all the time. For example, I had to go in and manually add buttons that weren't initally active in some of my configurations. So, for example, sometimes I'd set up an activity for listening to internet radio, but something silly like the back and menu buttons weren't mapped at all by Harmony because it didn't know what to do with them, so I had to use the Harmony software to make the buttons send "back" in my system.
Okay. I figured with all of the knowledge on these boards we would be able to compile information into a guide from start to beginning. This process is not very well-defined (Wiki or forums) for users.

I guess I will search elsewhere in attempt to solve my Harmony configuration. You mention programming buttons as "back" but I do not have that as an option on my Harmony One using the latest Harmony software. Sad
bmcclure937 Wrote:Okay. I figured with all of the knowledge on these boards we would be able to compile information into a guide from start to beginning. This process is not very well-defined (Wiki or forums) for users.

I guess I will search elsewhere in attempt to solve my Harmony configuration. You mention programming buttons as "back" but I do not have that as an option on my Harmony One using the latest Harmony software. Sad

There's really an infinite number of possible configurations, but 90+% of them just work out of the box with xbmc. I'd say another 7-8% are covered fairly well here, but covering that last 2% would require about 30-40 wiki entries that are continually updated just due to all of the little things that are different.

The setting is there in the Harmony software, you just have to dig a bit deeper. I'm not at home for the next couple of weeks, so I can't just boot it up and tell you, sorry. There's also a file that you can edit somewhere. But in certain configurations, Harmony just doesn't even send the command, or sends some placeholder command it seems rather than what you'd expect.

But really, xbmc just needs to issue a point release on the Live/Linux side to bring in the new lirc, which is miles ahead of the current one, and would just remove a lot of these posts and problems. I understand that it includes bringing in a new kernel, rebuilding all types of things, etc, etc. But people with problems like yours are just going to start multiplying rapidly because the lirc included in the distro is so old.
Thanks for the help! I did all that I could to make things compatible with XBMC and plug-n-play with LIRC and XBMC Live.

I did research to find the most compatible IR receiver (with as little manual configuration as possible). I am also using XBMCFreak build, which contains the latest kernel and most updated LIRC.

I do not seem to be having issues with LIRC. My Harmony One will talk to my XBMC HTPC and can issue some of the commands. My problem is moving forward with the configuration of the Harmony One to send the proper commands.

I think I have the remote setup correctly to use the correct device profile. The problem is, I do not have some of the custom button options available that I have read about (one example being "Back"... I have a "Return" option). I am just unsure what configuration needs to take place in the Logitech software and what needs to occur as far as manually editing files on my HTPC. HuhConfusedOo
Well... as painful as it may be, I am digging in and trying to collaborate among all of the information available. The most difficulties arise due to outdated information or information that is slightly different due to hardware differences.

I am lucky that the Harmony One and HP IR receiver are playing nicely together and I am getting output with IRW. (I found that rebooting the XBMC HTPC and SSHing into the box ASAP to run IRW was the best way to get it running! Not sure why it would be difficult and give the "connection refused" errors otherwise... I think it was because I used the keyboard, but not sure)

At any rate, I am now making progress on creating my custom Lircmap.xml and remote.xml files Big Grin

Hopefully I will have some nice functionality and custom buttons in the end as well!
I almost forgot, my remote is working with basic functions in XBMC out-of-box (after some configuration in the Harmony software to set the buttons to the proper mappings for XBMC).

My current issue is the Harmony sending double-presses of the keys to the system... I need to fix this ASAP!
Double presses? Sounds like a delay problem. Have you tried this to play with the delays?


Yes. I currently have it set at 800ms because 100, 200, and 300 did nothing to fix the double-press...

My problem now is that some key presses are not recognized Huh

Maybe I should lower the inter-key delay now.

*EDIT* as per the link you provided I am going to do the following

Quote:And here's the secret:
Set the inter-key delay to 100ms.
Click on Troubleshoot" for the Plex device
"See more options"
"Plex doesn't appear to receive every command correctly"
"The device responds too much to some commands"
Set the retry count to 1 instead of 3.
Click "Yes" when it asks if you'd like to update the remote now (if not, it won't save it).
Well. That fix worked for all buttons besides the directional buttons. I am not sure what is causing the problem... I have IRW open and it only shows one keypress being sent to the HTPC. Oo

I would like to iron out these kinks before messing with Lircmap.xml and remote.xml files.

*UPDATE* I was wrong. Directional buttons are NOT the only ones affected!
Yeah, don't mess with lircmap yet.

So direction buttons still double press? Maybe you need to bump the delay some. I think my interkey delay is 150 (or 200, when I get home I will check).

Okay. Thanks. I set the repeat to 0 now and will tweak the delay again.

Logitech seriously needs to rewrite their software so that it can update only the settings you actually change on the remote. I sweat it updates the entire config every time and it is time consuming.

My HTPC went to sleep and when I woke it I was not getting double on directions but then some buttons were not working. This is very sporadic and hard to pin down the exact issue.

*UPDATE* I retract my statements about the Logitech software. It does not seem to be the issue. It seems to be LIRC using 2 modules.
Reboot and start from scratch when you are messing with this stuff. You want to eliminate as many "factors" as possible, USB problems after sleep being a big one.


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