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Background for each menu item
I'm trying to mod refocus so that each menu item on the home page has its own background. I can't find the right visible tag to invoke the background; in fact I may be approaching this all wrong.

First off I've created an include with a background image in and a visible command. Eventually this should include images for all menu items but for the moment it's just the one for testing and relates to the second menu item down, again, for testing. This include is called at the beginning of the home menu so that it appears in the background.

PHP Code:
<include name="homeBackground">
control type="image">
texture background="true">[image path here]</texture>

In the visible tag I've tried

Control.HasFocus(102) where 102 is the id of the menu item.
ControlGroup(9000).HasFocus(102) where 9000 is the id of the wraplist and 102 the id of the item.
Skin.HasSetting(showPlaylist2Background) where I've tried to toggle showPlaylist2Background <selected>Skin.ToggleSetting(showPlaylist2Background)</selected> - This doesn't toggle the setting at all as far as guisettings is concerned so I'm assuming you can't set it with selected, only onclick.

Anyway, all the above simply hide the background. I'm not sure what else i can think of so I'm asking for help. Huh

Where do you find 102, though? Looking at his HomeMenu.xml there are only IDs 1-13 ?
filigran Wrote:Use

Quote:Where do you find 102, though? Looking at his HomeMenu.xml there are only IDs 1-13 ?
I added options to display extra items (smart playlists) on the home menu.

Background for each menu item00