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TugboatBill Wrote: is still there. I'd delete it, but apparently all I can do is edit. No

mad-max Wrote:next ones:


Nuked from orbit
at the bottom of this page there is spam too
vanMiez Wrote:at the bottom of this page there is spam too

thx, cleaned up
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Hello all,

I am new to XBMC as I am looking for a W7MC replacement after quite a few troubles and Shaw Cable finally ripping the ability to properly record using my HTPC away from me.

I was trying to do some research on capabilities of XBMC and checked out the XBMC Online Manual. Not a lot of it made sense to me until I realized that the page itself is full of spam links (see screenshot). Even though the last post in this thread is from June the problem persists.

I have little experience with Media wiki but know that some other sites I frequent had luck with spam blacklists and a spam clean up script.

Hope this helps in putting a stop to the spam. Back to my research now.

that's not spam.

we're just trying to keep this program free by using some sneaky in-line advertisements in our manual. ;-)
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Interesting...first time I have seen that. On to more reading for me.
Edit it everytime is not the solution
You should semi-lock the wiki page to prevent potential spammers
I tried doing the "propose for deletion" thing, some variations of {{subst:prod|spam}}

Anyway. Here's some a new spam page, or "no meaningful content". Though I guess I shouldn't have removed the actual content, just reported it.
removed the whole page. thx
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I've created a delete template. It seems to work fine if I'm not mistaken.

Add this at the top of a page: {{delete|r=your reason}}
and it'll appear at
Or just use {{delete}} if it's spam.

Though it seems NedBot is using {{delete}} too. Not sure if it matters.
Thanks for the template. It probably mirrors what most other wikis use, which is why it was being used in the botscript.

We normally catch the spam within the day, but google is really fast about indexing pages, so I appreciate that you blanked it. Blanking it (and/or putting a deletion template) and reporting it is the best thing to do, because it prevents the spam links from showing up on google. It's what they do on Wikipedia, too.

Wikia used to have a "Report" tab for pages. I should probably look into something like that for easier spam reporting.
i hate spaam
yes, but they will be reviewed by the moderators soon or latter.
We are going to move to openID, see sticky thread in this forum now.
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