thetvdb not working for new shows
I'm having a problem with since I upgraded to 10.0

The scraper works for existing shows (ie when I load up new Family Guy episodes) but when I add an entirely new show, it'll download the show synopsis but not the individual episode info and doesn't automatically add them to the library.

My folder structure and filenames are all in the correct format, and I've checked to make sure the shows are properly listed.

Is this a common bug or an option that I'm missing?
Here its the same
Can you give the details of your scraper settings?
gabbott Wrote:Can you give the details of your scraper settings?

I believe its the default settings, running the most recent stable release of XBMC
Had similar problems today when creating a library from scratch, when I did the initial scanning(Set Content) I always had to do another Scan for new content for it to actual fetch the data for every episode.

I also had problems grabbing season covers for a few shows, XBMC set the tv show poster as season cover for every season of a show so I had to manually change the season covers of a few shows.
A lot of users have been having issues along these lines, such as myself.
I suggest using a Metadata manager like Ember or TV Rename. After a quick scrape all the files should be properly named & linked, ready from XBMC to scan & pickup!

Hope this helps!
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