New features for Official XBMC Remote (Android)...

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MidnightWatcher Offline
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Or just one subtitle button that will cycle through the subtitles, including "None".

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john.doe Offline
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first of all thank you guys for developing such a wonderful app. Apart from some minor glitches it works really great on my samsung galaxy S.

To my suggestion: I was wondering if it might be possible to find a way to stream the audio of whatever is playing on my pc to my phone as soon as I plug in headphones. I would love to see this feature to avoid using my bluetooth headphones.

Keep up the good work,
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dod666 Offline
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Hi all,

I use the Android remote all the time as I have multiple XBMC clients in the home and this way I always have a remote in my pocket (Sony Xperia X10i). The thing that is missing in my opinion is a button for the context menu ('C' key). I keep finding myself having to plug in a keyboard to access functions (Queuing, 'Play from here', 'Edit source', etc...)
+1 for keyboard support too, would really be the icing on the cake.

Keep up the good work guys Smile
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Tolriq Offline
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What an old thread Smile

You can try Yatse that have full keyboard and keymap mode integrated. And also for your need a direct Context menu in remote Smile
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