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New features for Official XBMC Remote (Android)...
Or just one subtitle button that will cycle through the subtitles, including "None".
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first of all thank you guys for developing such a wonderful app. Apart from some minor glitches it works really great on my samsung galaxy S.

To my suggestion: I was wondering if it might be possible to find a way to stream the audio of whatever is playing on my pc to my phone as soon as I plug in headphones. I would love to see this feature to avoid using my bluetooth headphones.

Keep up the good work,
Hi all,

I use the Android remote all the time as I have multiple XBMC clients in the home and this way I always have a remote in my pocket (Sony Xperia X10i). The thing that is missing in my opinion is a button for the context menu ('C' key). I keep finding myself having to plug in a keyboard to access functions (Queuing, 'Play from here', 'Edit source', etc...)
+1 for keyboard support too, would really be the icing on the cake.

Keep up the good work guys Smile
What an old thread Smile

You can try Yatse that have full keyboard and keymap mode integrated. And also for your need a direct Context menu in remote Smile
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New features for Official XBMC Remote (Android)...00