[MPTV] garbled image when using the mediaportal add-on
I'm from Australia,

currently i'm using Mediportal as a backend under windows 7 and i'm having the following problem using DXVA on only 1 of my channels...

Channel '7mate': When played using DXVA, the botton quarter of the screen is scrambled




When i disable DXVA the issue disappears and the channel plays fine.
What's the issue hereHuh

forgot to mention it works FINE in MediaPortal AND Windows Media Center... the issue is only with XBMC!

probably your video card or version of directx
the issue is only with XBMC, works fine in WMC and MediaPortal...

Just installed latest drivers for ION, issue remains.
Dxdiag shows i'm running DirectX 11 Windows 7
Can you play a recording? Does it do the same thing? If so, then it's an xbmc / driver issue, which is probably an issue more with general xbmc than the pvr fork. If a recording plays ok, but xbmc-pvr doesn't then it's something pvr is introducing which is breaking the stream.

Looks to me like something to do with the playback method, VMR9 or EVR. (On Vomp for Windows, it's called a "Video Presenter" and is under deinterlace.. Not sure if it's relevant?)..
Which of the two MediaPortal pvr addons are you using? "MediaPortal (ffmpeg)" or the "MediaPortal (TSreader)" plugin?

The ffmpeg version relies on rtsp streaming @ tvserver + ffmpeg playback @ xbmc side. This version shows for me and many other users the same artifacts as you are describing (with and without dxva). As PVR addon developer, I cannot do much about that because its an ffmpeg issue.
Hopefully the new ffmpeg version that will be used in the next XBMC release will perform better. In the current xbmc git, rtsp playback is completely broken under Windows, so I can't say at the moment whether that will solve your issue. I'm currently looking into the ffmpeg rtsp playback issues with help from Elupus.

The TSReader version uses a completely different approach to play the TV stream: no rtsp streaming and direct playback from the MediaPortal TSBuffer files (using the same code as MediaPortal)
If your problem is caused by the TSReader version, I'm very interested in a XBMC debug log file posted on pastebin. It could be that the stream transfer from the addon to XBMC needs some additional buffering.

Further questions: does the problem also occur when you disable DXVA? Is this an SD channel or an HD channel?
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Hi there,

As I said in my post, the issue is only with DXVA enabled. When I turn DXVA off the channel played fine.

I'm using TSReader version
The channel is HD
the channel works fine in all other players, just not xbmc.
If I record the channel, then play back the recording the problem remains

Please tell me how to show a debug log...

Margro, while I've got you here... I have another issue regarding TVService and xbmc.
The problem is that I have xbmc startup diectly after windows boots, I get an error message saying "cannot connect to backend" this is because xbmc boots before mediaportals TVService has a chance to start.

This will happen to me and everyone else who does a fresh reboot. Is there a way you can delay the plugin from connecting until the service has started to avoid this issue?
Because what I've had to do is download a program that delays xbmc from booting for 20 seconds after startup to allow the service to start before xbmc tries to connects. This is not a solution, just replacing one problem with another.

changed the topic title
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Ok, just tried fortherecord as a backend and I get the same issue. I'm convinced it's xbmc's ffmpeg dxva... I hope they fix this by the time dxva deinterlacing becomes available in xbmc.
The ForTheRecord addon and the MediaPortal (TSReader) addon share the same code for reading the TV stream from the timeshift buffer files and stream it to XBMC. From my personal experience: SD channels on localhost are ok. Over the network via WLAN: most SD channels: ok, some show heavy stuttering. HD channels: some work, others show a garbled image and 100% CPU usage. All tested under XP and Windows 7 without DXVA.

My guess is that the TSReader code is not fast enough to handle HD channels in all cases. I've copied this code from MediaPortal itself, so in theory it should be able to read and process the data fast enough, because its working fine in MediaPortal. Key difference is that the playback method of the stream in XBMC and Mediaportal is completey different: internal ffmpeg v.s. external codec.

Another possible reason for a garbled image/stopped playback: switching from an SD to HD channel (using up/down). XBMC does not see the suddenly changed video stream format.
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
Ah I see...

And is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

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