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Skinning for beginners - Foundation skin, skinning tools, and tips
Nice work Smile

TBH the skin looks great as it is - nice and simple, so usable as more than just a base.

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damn Hitcher, you're just too nice!
many skinners to be will be thankful for this.

my respect!
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nice initiative Hitcher, I'm sure it will be of great help to aspiring skinners.
I say sticky Smile
Thumbs Up 
I already see fodder for theft! Smile Great work Hitcher - going to be a huge help for a lot of people.

Looking good, Hitcher. Great initiative - 'Empty' is a tad outdated .. just a tad. Smile
Nice effort Hitcher! I forsee alot of new skins that look a lot like this in the near future. Smile
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O my [email protected]@kin @@@! This is great! Many thanks!
My skins:


I started my skin using Empty, then Dharma was released which created unusual bugs that wouldn't shift.
Confluence is just too unwieldy to use as a base and packed textures are another hoop to jump through.

This is perfect. Can't thank you enough.
Man this is amazing. Can't thank you enough for this.
It will be incredibly helpful.
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Thanks guys, just my way of giving something back.

Oh, and please let me know if there alignment problems at either resolution - I think I checked everything but you never know.
Absolutely Mind-blowing!
I am sure this will help many many people, by creating great Interface-Illusions. :-)
This Thread is a must-have bookmark.

Thanks & Kudos.

Edit: Good to see, now It's a sticky. Smile
Jeroen Wrote:nice initiative Hitcher, I'm sure it will be of great help to aspiring skinners.
I say sticky Smile

you've done a really good job here !
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Is this the new skin you mentioned that you were working on when you released "Final" version of Alaska Revisited or is that still to come?
That Screenshots folder in itself will be invaluable for first time skinners.

I spent far too long trying through trial and error to figure out exactly which xml file I needed to edit for each little part of the skin.
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