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Support the iOS development speed up
Crusnik01 Wrote:Apple should really be sponsoring you guys, considering the only reason I bought (even had to import it, since they don't sell them over here) an ATV2 is because of XBMC! Big Grin

But, the reality is that's never going to happend, so donation => DONE! ^.^

Truly a great piece of software, and some amazing work! Keep it up!

Except that Apple actually doesn't sell the ATV units to make money on the hardware. They probably even subsidise the hardware, so would make a loss off those who only use it for XBMC. Just saying.
turbopanther Wrote:Except that Apple actually doesn't sell the ATV units to make money on the hardware. They probably even subsidise the hardware, so would make a loss off those who only use it for XBMC. Just saying.

Apple has never subsidize hardware. They never have, never will.
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Since Apple essentially used the same hardware in all of their portable devices that sell like hotcakes the parts arent very expensive for them. The AppleTV is pretty much just an iPod Touch without a screen. And seeing as an 8GB touch is only $229 new, $99 is about what it would cost sans screen and making it tiny. But I agree with most everyone in this thread, as soon as I read the announcement of XBMC for iOS I ordered one for the parents. I never even tried out Frontrow, just straight put XBMC on it, the thing is utter garbage without the BMC :p.
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Big Grin 
donation is on its way
you really deserved it Big Grin

xbmc is such a great piece of work and i use it on many devices

kind regards,
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Thank you for your amazing work.
Had heard of xbmc for years but never used it till now with the apple tv 2g

Made a donation, and thank you guys for a great piece of software that im sure will continue to only get better!!!
First Post.
Amazing work done for ATV2.
I've donate some money.

Thank you guys.
Tremendous work guys! XBMC truly helps improve the aTV2 platform. I'm still learning about some functionality and add-ons and I'm impressed every step of the way.

Donation has been sent. Many thanks.

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XBMC is awesome, you guys are great, just made a donation as XBMC makes my ATV2 actually useful Smile
Hi team,

almost 20K reads of this topic and the trend shows many of the 'newbies' have donated. That is not strange at all for XBMC has opened up to the iOS platform which attracts a whole new and different audience (no longer the 'techies' from the old days).

BUT, how about you 'old timers' and 'newbies' reading this and trying the iOS version? 20K reads at $1 per hit could mean $20K for the devs to go crazy and bring awesome things...

So, a kind request, please donate a few $$$ here:


And please remember every amount counts, so if you're having fun with your 'XBMC enabled' device, please consider a small donation (how about $10, that's only a few beers?), and do that every once in a while?

Showing off you XBMC enabled device comes at a price ... ;-) Nah, seriously, please remember how much work you enjoy, and think about the hard work put in there by others.

Again a huge thanks to the XBMC team, not only Davilla, Jonathan and other 'regularly visable' team members, but to the WHOLE team working on this and spending a MASSIVE amount of private time so you and I can enjoy their work.

Think about it, there no free ride, but it comes for free as long as we donate a little once in a while, and keep it goin'

Thanks for your kind consideration.

Donation sent from me - XBMC is a fantastic piece of work, so much so that I've started looking at buying a 2nd ATV2 Smile
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Having used XBMC for years now on Xbox 1 and always been so pleased with it I bought an Apple TV 2 specifically to use XBMC once more.

Having worked in Open Source in the past I know what it means to the guys to get kind words and occasional donation.

I'm very happy to donate and help support such a great application.

Keep up the good work guys!


- Aaron.
Donated $10k (it's tax deductible) Wink

Thanks guy, you rock!
XBMC on atv2 is just awesome Smile I've just donated.

Thanks a lot for your hard work!
Through my work, I get a discount on Apple hardware.

I have sent a PM to Davilla and asked him to let the XBMC team leads know that I'm happy to buy hardware and pass the discount along and take reimbursement/payment on the back-end of the deal.

If anyone from the leadership team wants to talk to me -- please send me a PM.
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Support the iOS development speed up53