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[RELEASE] BitTorrent Proxy plugin
#1 is a file-sharing site with one unique feature - BitTorrent proxy. You upload a .torrent file - you get a direct http link.

More details here:

The plugin provide instant playback of video torrents which were previously added into your account. Torrents can be added either by providing .torrent file or just by searching in cache (torrents downloaded by other users). Most of popular content is already in the cache.

Plugin page for users:

Plugin git repository:

Awaiting for your feedback.
nice, good work
This plugin is really great

Now I can search for any tv show or movie within the xbmc interface and it just starts playing instantly!!

Don't even need to worry about downloading anything in advance anymore,every movie ever made at my finger tips
hey is this working for anyone now? just installed it and whenever i search, I get an error. username and password is in and I have premium account.
anyone? I still can't get this to do anything but give script errors.
Yes, I use this plugin regularly.

Unfortunately I am away from my XBMC for the last 3 weeks and am not going to back with it for another 6 weeks.

I suggest you get in touch with the developer. He is very friendly and in fact made this plugin on my request.

If you email him at support[at] you will probably get a very speedy reply.
i don't know how you getting a speedy reply, i sent email and it bounced back saying unknown user, and the upload files part has been saying they are working on it for 5 days at least now.
The upload files has been out for a while now. But the site is regularly improves.

I have made several suggestions to the site that have all been implemented including XBMC plugin, automatic download of RSS feed and stream of contents of my files as an rss feed.

If that email address is not working for you try the facebook group
I hear from my housemates that the plugin is actually not working for them either, not there myself to test it though.
I've just tried the plugin and it worked fine. However just one time (out of 10 or so) there was a script error. Will look into it. I'll let you know when it will be fixed.
i think is pretty cool,but for the price, the plugin needs to work, i'm getting script error every time, if that would work, i'd sign up for longer period now that my 1 week trial is done.
The problem has been fixed. It was a server-side bug (xml quotation) and doesn't require the plugin upgrade.

FYI. just got a new feature - adding new torrents from RSS feeds such as EZTV. Using feeds and the plugin you can watch all your shows as soon as they are released.
If you still getting any script errors please PM me here (including your acc. name at
robl45, I'll answer you here (not in PM).

The search results problem has been fixed (server-side, no plugin upgrade needed).

Actually I personally never use the search function in the plugin. Typing and selecting results by a remote is so inconvenient that I better use my laptop to search and 'add to Finished'.

Also the search results are bit broken now (filter by cached is ignored sometimes). Will be fixed soon too. For the plugin I've added a temp. quirk which will filter results better.
The plugin has been accepted into the main repository.

For free test premium accounts please PM me.

[RELEASE] BitTorrent Proxy plugin00