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Here's little program that is guaranteed to wipe out your video files...or at least replace them. The File Replacer lets you select a folder containing video files (Generally a season of TV) and replace your big watched files with a small 10 second clip named exactly the same as your original files. When played it informs you to "Insert DVD". It's written in wxPython so you will need it on your system.
I'm starting to get low on disk space and the thought of manually renaming the video file a few hundred times just didn't appeal to me. What you gain is your Library remains intact even though the actual video file is no longer present so you keep all your metadata and watched status even if you "Clean" your library. Even though the file is a MKV XBMC will still play it if it's named a different least it did on the three I tried.

Just unzip the file to any folder and type "python". If you need help running it them maybe this program isn't for you. You can replace my InsertDVD.MKV file with any file you want as long as it's named the same and in the same folder. I only tested this Ubuntu 10.04 but it should run on Windows as well. Since power supply bit the dust on my Windows box I could only test on Linux. For now don't expand the window size or you will loose the buttons. It was programmed using my 42" LCD and have no idea what it would look like on a regular monitor. I've got to make some changes to the Python sizers which for me, as a VB programmer, will take some work. File extensions are currently hardcoded but I've been working on getting the settings from a xml file. Due to safety concerns there is no recursion so you can't just point to a directory and replace all files in subdirectories. There is no support for ISO, VOB, GZip or any other type of compressed format. So far the included extensions are:
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