[ATV2] HOW-TO position XBMC button in first spot on ATV menu
milli Wrote:This file seems to be a binary one on my ATV2. Can't find xml tags. Any ideas.

milli Wrote:Yes I checked many times. The other one was XML(AppleTV) and able to modify it. But this one is binary and can't find XML tags. Weird!!

you will need a plist editor for Info.plist, in post# 24 there is a download link for Windows referenced by Stiffler

eugekiller Wrote:is there a way to move nito tv and computer... i would like to move them all the way to the end..

<integer>1</integer> note: changed from 4 to 1

<integer>4</integer> note: changed from 1 to 4

nitoTV > Settings > Restart Lowtide

Note I made changes to "XBMC" with a custom name to the left most on the screen (switched with "Movies").

My Apple Front Row is shown as:

My TV Media | Settings | TV Shows | Internet | Movies | Computers | nitoTV
myXBMC Wrote:My Apple Front Row is shown as:

My TV Media | Settings | TV Shows | Internet | Movies | Computers | nitoTV

I did similar except I installed Overflow and folded Computers, Internet and NitoTV into it. And, just to be accurate, I renamed "Movies" to "Rentals" (who are you kidding Apple).

Mine looks like:

My Media | TV SHows | Rentals | Overflow | Settings
(XBMC) (never use) (Movies) Comptrs

aghh forum messed up my formatting....

99% of the time I am in XBMC...
I did it like this:

XBMC - Movies - Internet - Cydia - Settings

XBMC has Number 2, Movies Number 3, Internet 4, Cydia (which is renamed nitoTV) 5, and Settings 6. I do not use Computer at all and TV-Shows arent supported here in Germany by Apple. I left XBMC on 2 like it was because its the only app i update regulary and i just changed everything behind.
myXBMC Wrote:you will need a plist editor for Info.plist, in post# 24 there is a download link for Windows referenced by Stiffler

Thanks. It worked.
hernandito Wrote:[clip]

PHP Code:
My Media   TV SHows    |   Rentals    Overflow   |   Settings
(XBMC)      (never use)     (Movies)      Comptrs


Hi hernandito, I reformatted your AppleTV2 Front Row presentation.

yup...the Overflow is very easy to do for everyone else,

nitoTV > Install Software > Overflow

(after successful installation messages)...restart Lowtide

Overflow > Overflow Settings > choose/toggle "Computers" for example from Main Menu to Overflow.

restart Lowtide

"Computers" will now be folded under Overflow tab on AppleTV2 Front Row.


milli Wrote:Thanks. It worked.

Glad it worked for you.
I've been wondering what Overflow does but haven't bothered to try it yet... thx for the tip. I found dealing with the plist files a bit of a pain since, from what I could tell, they needed to be edited locally with Plist Editor then ftp'ed back... maybe there's an easier way.
I'd like to have the standby menu item from "settings" in a seperate menu of the frontrow.

This is the actual entry in the info.plist of Settings.frappliance


Any suggestion how to do that ?

BTW: With the Plist Editor for Windows i'm also able to edit e.g. the string tables (e.g. "Localizable.strings" from the above frappliance) but if i save them, they will be truncated to zero file size. How can i edit and save them ?


I've set the FRAppliancePreferedOrderValue for each "appliance" to be 10,20,30 etc. In this way, I shouldn't need to edit the XBMC order each time I update it. Seems to be working ok...
Oops, i played too much and destroyed one language file from frontrow Sad

Please, can anybody send me the following file. It is located at:


Thank you in advance !

Is there any way to reorder the items that are listed in the Overflow menu? I'm not seeing anything in its plist.
I hid the "TV shows" and "Movies" options entirely by following some steps on these forums a few months back - it wasnt a case of renaming the folders to .old but I think editing the Info.plist files.
Now i want them back and I can't for the life of me remember how to do it.

Does anybody have any idea... perhaps send me your TV Shows and Movies Info.plist files?


I see a lot of (old) questions on editing the plist files. Someone mentioned plutil but there hasn't been much elaboration. If you're comfortable with command-line work I think it's easier than ftping the files and then a GUI editor on your desktop. The instructions in the original post can be accomplished with these two commands from an SSH session:

plutil -set FRAppliancePreferedOrderValue -real 2.0 /Applications/AppleTV.app/Appliances/Movies.frappliance/Info.plist
plutil -set FRAppliancePreferedOrderValue -int 0 /Applications/AppleTV.app/Appliances/XBMC.frappliance/Info.plist

You can get plutil easily by installing Erica Utilities from NitoTV.

beware that iOS uses binary plists for most things and will not like it if you convert a binary plist into a test plist.
MediaInfo : http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/
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Big Grin 
followed antlanes advice, then moved xbmc so it was in the first category, followed by Settings (also edited the Info.plist so Sleep Now was higlighted first in the menu.)

Item 0: preferred-order: 2
priority: 1

Item 5: preferred-order: 1
priority: 7
EvilMonkey Wrote:sadly: no. this would be my desired solution also. i didn't find any plist-files that seem to trigger the start of lowtide, so i stuck with re-ordering the menu and just having to click the remote once.

Fire69 Wrote:Nice find! Nod

You wouldn't happen to know if editing some files will start XBMC automatically by any chance? Big Grin

this here is what you want boys: org.tomcool.xbmc-booter

install via NitoTV (search for the package) or via shh/terminal

apt-get install org.tomcool.xbmc-booter

to remove:

apt-get remove org.tomcool.xbmc-booter

only caveat is that this mod will launch XBMC any/every time you restart/reboot/kill lowtide, etc. nice if you're only/mainly using the ATV2 for XBMC. to get back at the other ATV2 features you'll need to remove manually via shh/terminal using apt-get remove org.tomcool.xbmc-booter

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