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how to install add-on from zip file on atv2

I'm trying to intall this addon on my atv2 xbmc:

I found the install from zip file option in the system settings, but when I select the zip file in the file browser it just returns to the menu silently and does nothing?

Is this a known issue or am I doing it wrong?
Transfer the zip file over to your ATV2 first (I'm guessing that you're currently trying to do it from a network drive), and then do the "install from zip" from that location.

Using a sftp client is the easiest way (in my opinion). Instructions below:

c128 Wrote:Filezilla (client) is also a free option if you want a "Windows Explorer like" view of you ATV2's files/folders and you want to copy to/from it easily.

Download and install the client.

File | Site Manager... | New Site

Call your new connection whatever you like e.g. "ATV2"

Host: IP Address of your ATV2
Server Type: SFTP

Logon Type: Normal
User: root
Password: alpine (or whatever you changed it to, if you changed it)

Then "Connect".

In the "Remote Site" Window on the right-hand site you'll now be able to browse your ATV2, copy files to/from it.

In the Site Manager you'll have a short-cut where you can connect directly to it in the future.

The default location for finding Add-on .zips that aren't available via the Add-on Manager is "/private/var/mobile" - something that might be useful in the FAQ, if it isn't there already.
Thanks, but I should have mentioned it was already on the local drive, transferred via ssh.

I also tried to install it on my pc and it works fine there, so I don't think the zip file is at fault.
So I got it figured out: using scp left the file ownership at root, and so xbmc was unable to read the file. I changed it and it worked.

I still think the ui should show an error message instead of just failing silently.
i've been having the same trouble. how did you change it from root to fix the problem?
You ssh to your appletv and you do "chown mobile filename.zp"
(you could do chmod with filezilla but it is less 'clean')
ok, I've downloaded the zip files.

I put them on my atv2 via cyberduck /private/var/mobile

system>add-ons>install from zip file> select the folder and nothing is in it to install anything.

tried with a few different zip files

what am I missing?
so all I have to do is ssh into my apple tv and type in "chown mobile" and hit enter and I'll be able to install the skin?
Ok, so your on a mac (like me) and you download a zipped file its automatically unzipped. Thats your first problem, if you try and re zip it and ssh it in still wont work.

instead of clicking the link and downloading it, right click and choose 'download linked file' this will keep the file zipped. then you should be good to go, ssh it in and install away Smile

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