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Hi Ev1

ok i know there will be ways to do this but cant seem to find anything for what i want so thought id finally join and post to see if anyone can help out, never had to post before as you guys seem to have figured most things out by the time i get here, ok here goes (on AEON MQ2 And Latest Dharma, nightly builds) - ive added custom home menu buttons no prob to point to certain genres no probs there pretty straightforward but kids are older and watch more than type of genre - for instance ive currently got KIDS button on home menu pointing to ANIMATION but what i need now is it to point to individual folders like this

Movies > Movies Folder (My Movies + Does not show movies from kids folder)
KIDS > KIDS Folder (multiple Genres + does not show movies from my folder)

now i can do the above but not in Library mode which is what i want so all movie info is displayed while browsing using multiplex mode

would also like movie sub-menu to point to YEAR RANGE rather than paticular year Like this - pre 1990
1990 -1999
2000 - 2011

hope you can help out Thanks Big Grin

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