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[AppleTV2] various issues
Greetings Everyone

i have been a user of XBMC on windows for half a year and am extremely happy with it, great kudos to the developers..

lately i bought ATV2 after XBMC was released for IOS hoping i could stop using my laptop as the media center..

however am getting very inconsistent results.

IOS version: 4.2.1 (4.1.1 atv)
jailbreak method: greenposion
XBMC version: tried all from the start until the last one in hope of things becoming smooth
data: on a western digital world book edition (NAS)

problems faced:
1- smb shares doesn't seem to be working (error 2 even with multiple xbmc restarts) and the only way i can access my NAS is through adding new network location and giving credentials.

2- since smb is not working exporting/importing my old database is not working since the share name is different and files paths are different

3- scrapping the library doesn't seem to work, i see the dialog for scanning for new media for a split second and that's it, no media scanned.

4- performance is inconsistent though got much better in the later version (few seconds to open the movies folder [around 320 movies] and starting movies takes 3-5 seconds which was 10-20 seconds in earlier version)

5- UPNP access seems extremely fast in comparison with split second folder access and movie start, but no scanning possibility.

6- xbmc doesn't seem to restart when changing smb client even though the message says it should.

note: xbmc scrapping on my ipad works just fine but not on my ATV2

i would appreciate help so i can finally switch to my XBMC on the ATV2

thought i'd reply as i have the same setup (ATV with worldbook)

I dont have any of these problems, so think it might be down to either the apple TV or your router maybe?

I would restore the ATV, re-jailbreak and try to install the latest version from scratch, mine is very stable.

Hope this helps

Can you verify that you have internet access
1) On the apple tv ?
2) In xbmc ?

Can you also confirm that you have read the following

Quote:WHATS STILL MISSING/BROKEN: (confirmed by davilla)
SMB shares sometimes won't resolve, even by IP. Restart fixes it.

Best regards
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Do you have an xbmc.log to review?
I had JB the apple TV with greenpois0n rc6 and XBMC works well with audio, but then I JB again using rc6.1 to fix the WIFI issue, now I have no AUDIO on XBMC when launching movie. "Failed to Initialized Audio" I checked my setting toggle between HDMI or Analog yield the same result. Is there a way to unsintall XBMC from appleTV without having to JB from start again? I want to REMOVE and REINSTALL to see if it fixes the issue. BTW, Plex works fine as before, but subtitles restriction whereas XBMC allows me to map and use the subtitle via SMB mapping.
thank everyone for your replies and tries to help i really appreciate it...

a few questions,
1-can you access your drive by selecting smb share or you have to add a new network location
2- when you click on a movie does it load instantly or there is some delay
3- did you install xbmc through nitotv or through the commands.

i'll try restoring and jailbreaking again and see the results , and try with another router that i have.

i have internet access on both with great speed and no problems (trailers are loading fine in atv, streaming addons on xbmc are working fine too).
and yes i read the tip about restarting but it is not helping my situation, somtimes when i try to access the files i get netwrok device not connected and a restart does fix the situation but error 2 keeps on poping when i try to select smb shares.
the funny part is that with the first version of xbmc for the ipad i didnt have this issue and my NAS showed up when i selected smb shares however after i upgraded the functionality was broken.

the audio is working perfectly for me with all my tries, are you restoring to the latest version before jail breaking

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