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Clean Library confusion/not working
oscy Wrote:I'm having same problem with MCM.
XBMC won't read the .nfo that MCM has created so it downloads everything again. I don't know how to fix this? The MCM has organized my movie folder so each movie gets it's own folder named "movie (year)" and in this folder the .nfo is stored as movie.nfo.

Any ideas?

Why do you think it downloads everything are you sure its not just downloading actor thumbs which it will if you don't disable it or is all your artwork actually different ?

In any case as your movies are in their own folder and your using movie.nfo you will need to select the option "Use folder names for lookups" assuming you haven't already
Well I finally got it to read the movie.nfo for my .mkv files. However 2 problems remain:

1. my older DVDs which are divided into Video_ts and audio_ts, won't read unless I copy all the meta data from the main folder into the video_ts folder.

2. the movie.nfo has the rating using a "," however it needs to be a "." otherwise only the first digit gets registered by XBMC.

There's gotta be a simple way to fix this than to manually fix 500 files? MCM is suppose to ease the burden, not make it harder :p
prophetizer Wrote:this has to be the worst thing about XBMC, not recognizing changes, it's so freaking annoying
But this is also a pov. The content of NFO-Files just gets loaded into the database of XBMC. XBMC is not supposed to watch the nfo-files for changes, that would be hard to achieve as XBMC is multi-plat and it may not be worth the effort. XBMC uses a database to store the information, it is not looking for the nfo-file anymore after the corresponding movie has been loaded into it.
If you change something in the nfo, just rescan this movie (Navigate to movie -> Open Context Menu -> Hit "Movie Information" -> Hit "Refresh". Why do you change the nfo so often anyways?
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