is there an OS that XBMC works best with?
YodaEXE Wrote:I'd just like to say that my Windows 7 ION box boots in 15-20 seconds as well, off my SSD. You don't need Linux for a fast boot time.

Even stripped down to the bare minimal installation, Windows takes more resources than a Linux minimal installation. If you prefer Windows or need TRUEHD audio, that is fine. But Linux still wins for resource management by a good bit.
well GJones, that answers it then, if i can only get HD audio on windows, then thats what i'll stay with. as i have an Onkyo TR-NX3007, i'm upgrading my vid card so that i can do that.
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On the exact same hardware (2 Eee Boxes EB1501)

First installation running Ubuntu Minimal. Boot time 15-20 seconds.

Second EB1501 has Win 7 Home, set to open XBMC automatically. Boot time 70 seconds or so.

Depends on what you want to do though. I like Linux because it feels snappier (subjectively) and acts like an appliance. Wife prefers things to be simple as well.

My Dad uses the Win 7 Eee box, since he also wants it to be a general computer when he's not using XBMC.

Properly set up XBMC Live = Wife friendly XBMC appliance
(2011-02-22, 22:46)bmcclure937 Wrote:
sraue Wrote:and if you need some more appliance feeling try OpenELEC ;-)

I second this vote. is a completely amazing experience. You will be up and running in under 10 minutes. The OpenELEC website is awesome and user-friendly. Guides are available for installation and configuration. Big Grin

My GT430 works out-of-the-box on OpenELEC. Not the case on XBMC Live.

My HTPC boots in under 20 seconds with and I have the same great features and functionality as XBMC Dharma (since it is built off of XBMC).

Well to be noted that does not support Netflix because of the required Windows Silverlight player.
I use mine as a settop with HTPC case sitting in the entertainment center so it all looks good. live is all I've ever needed. HDMI passthrough, nv9800gt, 2gb ram and 6000+ amd proc and plays everything I throw at it with 5.1dts sound via hdmi to my stereo. Don't care if it's capable of more, I like it, sounds great and 100% of everything works out the box.
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is there an OS that XBMC works best with?00