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[AppleTV2] Migrating from OS X?
I'm considering getting an AppleTV2 and jailbreaking with Seas0nPass.

How easy is it to migrate all settings from the OS X version (dharma) of XBMC, including library files, images, etc?

Will it work with a Harmony One Remote?

Will it work with the existing iPhone remotes?

Sorry if these questions have been answered elsewhere already. Just looking for a summary from those with experience doing this. Thanks.
If anyone who has attempted to migrate from OS X to an ATV2 could take a couple minutes to share your impressions, I'd appreciate it.
Assuming you want to have the library available on multiple devices...

Have a look at my post in the MySQL thread...

[AppleTV2] MySQL database / library support?
TheRealDL Wrote:Assuming you want to have the library available on multiple devices...

Interesting but hadn't considered that possibility. I'm just interested in migrating totally from a setup on a Mac to an ATV2 with as little pain and fuss as possible in terms of redoing settings, sharepoints, libraries, etc.
OK, well I finally took this plunge as my Mac laptop's video card now imploded for the second time in a few years.

Here's some of what I've found in the past few days:

• In my case, copying over most of my entire /userdata folder (from "~/Application Support/XBMC/" on Mac to "/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/userdata/" on ATV2) was successful. I chose to copy the following folders: add_on data, Database, Thumbnails, and the following file: RssFeeds.xml

• almost all of my content was on afp:// shares, but of course any content stored locally on the dead Mac was going to be invalid. So I copied it over to the Mac that serves most of the content, removed the items from the library, and re-added in the new location.

• I re-did all settings.

• Had to calibrate the video for the TV. I learned if you press Select after configuring the top-left then you can configure the bottom-right, which was not obvious. (RSS feeds had been cropped.)

• the remote "XMBC Commander for iPhone" app works as normal once you configure your network and the web server settings.

• RowMote (another iPhone remote control I sometimes used) can be made to work by installing either NitoTV (separately or via aTV Flash black).

• Severe limitations of the ATV2's handling of IR remote codes means that universal remotes have a very limited set of options. I posted about configuring a Harmony One here:

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