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XBMC and Tasker (suggestion/question)
This is not so much as a suggestion as it is a question, but does anyone on this forum have any knowledge with the app “Tasker” on an Android device?
If you are unfamiliar with what the app is (or even unaware of how incredibly powerful this app is) check out the links below.

Here is my situation

I have just started using the app and have it do some basic functions for me, such as:
1. Silence my phone when I am in class
2. Turn on GPS and navigate to certain locations based on certain phone states
3. Display notifications on my computer for any incoming call, txt, email or any other phone notifications
4. Launch the XBMC remote app when I get home

The last one is the one I need some help with. Currently there are three different XBMC hosts that I connect to with the XBMC remote app (computer, xbox, and at work).
I have Tasker load up the app when I get home or am at work so I can use my phone as a remote. Since all my notifications are pushed to my computer, I usually leave the remote app at full screen most of the time.

What I am having trouble with is since I have 3 different hosts that I connect to, I have to manually change the host on the phone everytime I am at a different location.
I’m sure there is some complicated way through tasker to have XBMC chose a host for me based on which wifi connection I am connected to (which is how the app is launched automatically).

Does anyone around here know of any way to get this accomplished? If no one here knows the answer I think the developers of the app should try and develop a plugin for Tasker (or a similar program called “Locale”- plugins for Locale also work on Tasker).
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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I have developed a solution for my personal set up which essentially does what you're asking. I have yet to contribute to a project like the official XBMC Android app, but I downloaded my own version and added a few lines in the onCreate method to look for the Intents Data String. If the data string exists it attempts to change the host.

As a result I now have Tasker Widgets which compose of LoadApp with data specifying the host name I wish to use. At the moment it only works if you are launching the app for the first time as I'm hooking in at the wrong place, but it's a start.

What is the best way of me helping with this? Do I create a branch in the source code?

XBMC and Tasker (suggestion/question)00