Put display to sleep after idle...
I can't find any info on it. Since APT2 is low power device if only I can put display to sleep it will be golden setup.
Is that feature coming in next releases ?
I believe that XBMC disables the ATV2 sleep on launch to stop it closing down while you're watching a film. If you exit XBMC (Hold menu button on XBMC home screen) the ATV will auto sleep (if you have set that up in the ATV settings).

However the ATV is still running when it's asleep just the light is off and nothing is shown on screen (this is demonstrated by you being able to SSH to the ATV even when it's off). The only way to stop it is to unplug it.
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Thx Stiffler but I need the device running Smile
It is TV (display) that I want to put to sleep after it is idle for so many minutes.
So you want the ATV2 to turn off the TV if it's idle? Other than the screensaver set to a bank screen I think you may be out of luck on that one...
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Thought I'd bump this to see if any progress had been made? Kids keep leaving XBMC idle with a 42" plasma running all night!
It's not so much progress, as it's impossible to do. The ATV has no control over the TV through HDMI as it doesn't support CEC. It also and can't be connected to any of the CEC adapters.
Can't you just set your TV to sleep after X hours? My Sony has a timer that shuts it off.
With regard to the CEC, my TV would put itself to sleep if it wasn't receiving a signal any more. A bit like if I put my XBMC Live box to sleep, it will put the display to sleep after 10 minutes of no input.

The timer function is OK, but that may also turn the TV off if they're in the middle of watching something. I'm specifically looking for a solution that if the kids fall asleep, the video ends, an inactivity timer kicks in and after that period, kill the video output so the TV then goes to sleep after whatever period is set on the TV.

Hope that makes sense!
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