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Modular video URL resolving addon?
ah ok, i was thinking what we were working on was the master handler...
that makes a bit more sense.
update: wrote the

is it possible you could move your coding to github? they also have a webinterface for editing text documents like the .py files.
if you have a way to chat (skype or jabber or irc or something) please pm me
Unbehagen Wrote:Hi all,
recently there have been a lot of video streaming plugins that all have to deal with resolving the streamable video URL individually. The most annoying things here are probably one-click-hosting services and youtube-like streaming websites that are a pain to program and debug. If we created one modular addon just for unifying these efforts, it would be much easier to create content plugins for websites distributing their media files using these services.

It should work something like in the youtube plugin:
url = "plugin://"
, but support a variety of services along with user/premium accounts.

The services that are currently working in other plugins that I know of are: Hotfile, Rapidshare, Megaupload, Youtube, Filesonic. There are probably many more. What do you think?

Just to be sure i fully undertsand your idea: you want to create a library allowing to resolve video URL from main well knowed video hosting websites such as Rapidshare, megavideo, megashare, hotfile, youtube, etc.


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thats the plan Wink

we've made a fair bit of progress.

its being written as a module and so that all the stuff to do with one hoster is contained within a single .py , to make it easy for people to add more resolvers.

want to help out?
new stuff:
added nice new megaup and megavid resolvers, that also work for their adult equivalents.

sorry to keep bumping this thread
Bump it Smile I am follow your progress... I am thinking about write greasemonkey script for this resolver. We can add play with xbmc button for websites. Like this youtube button on my download list:
sounds like a neat idea queeup.

i've also discovered that and have python url resolving routines that it might be possible to rip from their source code to expand this module (unless their code has mad dependencies). its also feasible to attempt porting some stuff from jd source.

i suppose what we are going to focus on is getting the structure of the plugin neatly done and well written, so that its as easy as possible for people to add their own resolver to it. then people won't depend on us for maintaining the resolvers.
This is an awesome idea. I hope to use it, and contribute, for my greader streamer.

I think the public interface (FileHostModule) is a bit confusing as it is now. Filter, resolve, valid, isonline seem a bit redundant. I'll post something more meaningful later.

Excellent stuff.
the idea is that isValid checks if the link "looks" like a URL for that file host - this doesn't take any time or bandwidth as it just checks agains the RE pattern. This method can be used by the master handler to determine the plugin to use to resolve that URL. FilterValidURLs can be used to do this for multiple URLs. Resolve actually spits out a streamable URL. I think all the methods are useful, maybe it's just the names that are a bit confusing.

Edit: That said, I didn't want to scare you into thinking you can't come up with something that is a lot smarter. I never wrote python interfaces before, so feel free to contribute anything you like! Just wanted to explain why I did what I did there.
You guys should definitely start on fileserve and filesonic support after you get megavideo/megaupload working. By just supporting those 3 you will have 90% of the video on the web supported for streaming which would be pretty amazing.

Also i may not be able to code but if you guys would like me to whip up some improved filehost icons for i can do that.
I went ahead and made some logos up for you guys to use if you want but you don't have to. I tried to keep them minimal and all similar looking but still retain their original colors so people could easily differentiate them from one another.




oh hey, thanks for the logos. Unfortunately I won't have time to work on the add-on during the next two weeks. I will put them in when I return.
kalel90 Wrote:I went ahead and made some logos up for you guys to use if you want but you don't have to. I tried to keep them minimal and all similar looking but still retain their original colors so people could easily differentiate them from one another.

nice, could you make some more to replace the ones i made originally?
they are in
Ok these should round off the ones your already have in the repo.



Megaporn videos-

This would be great for XBMC!

Some clear thoughts about this:

Modular video URL resolving addon?51