Library Persistance through Outages
Hi all,

I'm using xbmc on a ubuntu platform (though i don't think this is a pfatform issue), and one of my sources is an external harddrive which has a slightly dodgy connection. When the harddrive isn't connected and the library updates then the library looses everything from this device including watched, recently added etc.

Is there a way that i can set XBMC to remember all this stuff even if the source is missing, not showing them in the library is good when not available, but i just don't want to have to re-import everything when i reconnect the device.

How can i accomplish this?

Don't clean the library. If you have the library set to automatically clean or update then disable this.

Right, but unless xbmc is in some other way able to detect changes and additions to the file system automatically i'm left with either a library that occasionally goes missing or a library that is often stale.

I think almost every guide i read suggested adding a cron job to update the library as the standard way to keep things up to date.
If you clean the library it will remove all items that cannot be found. Updating the library adds new items - it does not remove anything. It is only when you run a clean library that it will remove items that cannot be found.

If you have an unreliable external source or network sources that are offline then automated library cleans are not the best idea.
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