Can not Update Add-ons, Installation failed
Hello everyone,
Im facing a problem when im trying to update any add-on or add-on repository, its always giving the message "Installation Failed", im running XBMC 10.0-7 on apple tv 2g.

Any Idea how to resolve this issue ?

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Thank you rflores2323 for your reply, I did change the user and group ownership for the whole XBMC files and subfolders to mobile, but it only worked with "XBMC Subtitle" add-on, for the rest of the add-ons and the repository, its still giving me "Installation Failed".
Remove the addon that fails to install and reinstall it.

It will work and you got the latest version. It's a workaround for now.
Well, it worked, but only for the add-ons, i still can not update the add-on repository ( repository.googlecode.xbmc-addons )
is the anyway to download the new release (zip files) and install it manually ?
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Can not Update Add-ons, Installation failed00