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Hi, this might be stupid question, but I didn't find an answer. Is there a keyboard shortcut to start pictures slideshow? I mean, I open an image, press some key and slideshow starts? Thanks
By default there isn't a key to do it, but I note from that there is a function:

SlideShow(dir [,recursive, [not]random])
Starts a slideshow of pictures in the folder dir. Optional parameters are "recursive", and "random" or "notrandom" parameters. The "recursive" parameter starts a recursive slideshow, adding images from sub-folders. The "random" and "notrandom" parameters override the Randomize setting found in the pictures media window

You could easily create a userdata keymapping to start the slideshow, but I think this has to be a predetermined directory. I'm not sure how you'd make it start the slideshow in whatever is the current folder. Possibly this would be doable with a Python script.

Did you find an answer? I'm too looking for it!
I didn't find a keyboard shortcut, using JSON for this now.
i'm not sure i follow, do you mean 'p'?
vasikgreif Wrote:I didn't find a keyboard shortcut, using JSON for this now.

How? Do you mind posting the code/script?

I was thinking of mapping a key in keymap.xml and call SlideShow(dir [,recursive, [not]random]) function. But, then I couldn't figure out how to get the "dir" of the selected folder!
I would like a solution for this as well!
Besides start, pause/resume/stop would be nice additions as well..

I am not sure about the current status of this feature to start the slideshow (see problem: but I think VDRFAN (or JSHRennie) can tell more about the keymap.xml and Montelesse can tell some more about the JSON-API. What I found about JSON to start the slideshow, is this:

Maybe you can check how the picture DB addon or the artist slideshow addon handles this.

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