Disc art in DVD Case Wrap view
I hope i'm not missing something easy to do but i think the DVD case wrap view should have support for the art on the actual disc when the DVD case opens up. Please let me know if this is supported or will be in a future build
Yep that view is getting a bit long in the tooth now - I've added some disc fanart to it - but I still plan to do something else with this view eventually or maybe even just remove it - not decided yet.

Naw, definitely don't remove it (enhance it sure.), it's very unique to our skin compared to other skins out there. Add to our TO-DO list. Wink
Sorry for resurrection, found thread via google.. for confirmation- does this mean that yes dvd disc art is currently enabled in the version of back row released?
It's in the latest eden-pre repo via a nightly version of XBMC. That's where all my current skin development is taking place.
Thank you for the stunningly swift reply, please if possible refer me there with a link so I may assure I find the right file.

As a side thought, taking this to the next level logically would be to skin bluray cases and dvd cases. The major difficulties I would imagine would be the shorter height/wider nature of the bd cases. I have experience with zbrush/maya/psd- perhaps I could be of some help if what you are lacking is artist mockups?
The link to the latest nightly version of XBMC is here:


Back Row can be installed via the official XBMC addon repo within XBMC itself.

Yeah I agree the next logical step for this view, if I decide to develop it, would be to add bluray cases. I suppose the whole thing would depend on just how accurate and to scale I would decide to make the cases.

I already have this view in place:


but as you can see I just took the easy option of making them all the same size here. It would take a bit more thought and some clever flagging visibility options to make things look more authentic with the different case sizes. I guess I would also need front and inside bluray case images before getting anywhere with this.
Hello again,

I can supply very high resolution images of bluray cases if you need. As for your current ideas and implementation, all class sir =)

edit: just checked the current build, I must say it looks great. If dvd case wrap and fan art case wrap could be merged we could have one of the best looking media skins of all time Smile
Cheers - yeah that's my thinking also.

Oh yes please if you have some good bluray case images I'd certainly like to take a look at them.

I will up them pst time tonight for you hopefully then !

quick question btw, is it possible to have sub categories in library mode besides the default sort by: ? such as documentaries, comedies, epics.. and so on? thanks Sharpe Smile
nekoarashi Wrote:is it possible to have sub categories in library mode besides the default sort by: ? such as documentaries, comedies, epics.. and so on?

Oh I'm not sure - whereabouts in the skin are you meaning? Do you mean in the view changer menu - where the "sort by" option is? And how would you describe it's use?

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