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[Live] VDPAU Option Don't Work
Hi Guys:

I'm a new user of the xbmclive 10 version and Ion MB, and installed the xbmclive in a USB pendrive Kingston and now i have problem's to play video with the VDPAU function.


- Motherboard Zotac Ionitx F-E with geforce 9400m
- Kingston DDR2 800 mhz 2 Gb
- Kingston USB Pendrive 4 Gb

with the original xbmclive 10 i'm trying to play a 1080p without the VDPAU option and i can run it with dropping frames, but if i select the VDPAU Option the XBMC restart without restarting the HTPC

i'm read in the forum if i update the nvidia driver maybe can fix the problem, well, i'm update the NVIDIA Driver to the 190.53 version and now when i play a video with the VDPAU Option the screen is now in black with xbmc menus running.

I dont know how to get the log file to show you if i have a configuration problem or something, i need your help to fix the VDPAU please.

(i'm speak in spanish, so sorry for my english)
Make sure you have 512 mb of ram allocated for the gpu in the bios.
ok, i'm testing now
Bobo1on1, the size of mb in the bios is the problem, now i'm setting to 512 and everything goes OK (also without the latest nvidia driver), Thanks Again !!

[Live] VDPAU Option Don't Work00