how to save thumbs and fanart
Here is my problem I change my hard drives. When I install new hard drive my library keeps old fanart etc so I show movies that are not available. I clean my library but then it has to download all the information all over again. But because some movies do not show up on my movie title list but are in my Video Library file list I have to individually reget the movie information so that the fanart and Thumbs appear on my movie title list.

I see that I can save my fanart etc (library) to seperate files. I have done this as I have just spent the last two hours redoing the thumb art etc onto this hard drive and I do not want to lose it when I hook up the other hard drive. The reason i unhook the one hard drive is to keep adding more movies to it. It does update etc and I love the way this works but I just want to be sure to save everything this time before I go ahead. So do I have the right idea or am I blowing smoke.
never mind that works A person should always save his fanart etc to his library/hard drive. thanks anyway this is a great program friend of mine just bought a popcorn hour which seems to be using this type of format any discussions? It has yet to arrive
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