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Best video settings for 2010 Mac mini
Have a 2010 Mac mini hooked up to a Sony Bravia TV and programmed some custom buttons to let me switch the display refresh rate between 24p, 50p and 60p.

I ask myself whether I should enable "sync playback to display" and if so, what A/V sync method I should use. As I manually switch the display refresh rate to match the video fps, so there shouldn't be anything to sync. Is there a downside to have it enable although it doesn't has to do anything?

The only case would be 23,96 fps video and 24p display, where a sync might be necessary.

What's your opinion?

Furthermore, is there any reason to change the render method to anything other than auto detect?

I found hardware acceleration to save a lot of cpu power for h.264 video. But some h.264 PVR recordings generate a lot of artifacts. So I tend to either only enable it for h.264 on demand or switch it off completely. The 2010 Mac mini seems to be fast enough to play 1080p even without hardware acceleration.

Again, what is your opinion?


Why not just set your TV for 60Hz for all material. I set my two Kuro Pioneer TVs for 1080p 60Hz and all the DVDs I play through my MacMini and MacBook Pro all play very smoothly. Some of my DVDs are 24fps others are 48fps. Play around with the render methods and see what works best. I use software render method becuase for some reason I get studdering with my 2009 MacBook Pro.

Best video settings for 2010 Mac mini00