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I am hoping this is possible.

I would like to have one additional Home Button. This would be a Music Concert button. It would be linked to a library source called "concerts".

This way, my library of Music Shows would be separate from my library of movies.

Hopefully, it would also scrape the metadata from which now does list concert DVDs.

If I add the concerts to my movies and then try to filter by Genre, it still shows music related movies like Crazy Heart, Burlesque, etc. Also the concert tend to scrape with 2 categories, Music and musicals... which also makes it harder to navigate.

When I sit in front of the TV, either alone, or with company, I know ahead of time if I want to see a concert or a movie. To have to then go into movie, filter, and then have to mentally/visually separate Music Movies from Music Concerts is not that user friendly. If you are hanging out with guests, you can put a concert and play in the background.

I would love to hear feedback... I know next to nothing how to program a skin.

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