Using a customisable remote without using eventghost or registry hacks.
I use a pronto remote control and through some googling and hard work, have got it working (mostly) with XBMC natively.

However, certain keys will not work, however I try.

Using the RC6 protocol, I can get 255 unique buttons, of which about 70 or so are assigned to functions and work with no problems at all, the rest are all unassigned except for...

The two keys that are giving me trouble are hash(#) and star(*). It appears using showkey.exe that only these are sent as keystrokes, shift-3 and shift-8.

My question is this:

In the remote.xml keymap file, it refers to <star> and <hash>, but these do not seem to correspond with any key using the MCE remote protocol. What do they refer to? Or should they really be <3 mod="shift"> for example?
Your remote is sending shift-3 because on a US keyboard shift-3 gives you a # character. Likewise * is shift-8.

The problem is that XBMC treats shift-anykey specially. It uses any key combined with shift to skip in file lists, so shift-F would jump to the first film/track starting with "F". That means you can't assign an action to <3 mod="shift"> because XBMC will always respond to shift-3 by trying to skip to the first title starting with "3" and will never attempt to assign that key combination to an action.

I suspected as much, thank you for the clarification.

In that case, if * and # are impossible to send directly, i.e without shift, what signal are <hash> and <star> in the remote.xml expecting?
They are for remotes communicating via LIRC or IR Server Suite. Windows remotes generally don't use these protocols.

So, essentially there is no way to get those buttons working without running some other software or tweaking the registry?
Hi, I used this sentence under keyboard and worked!!


Hope that work also for you..


Thanks! I'll check it out.
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Using a customisable remote without using eventghost or registry hacks.00