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Latest git doesn't pull in all VDR channels
My PVRInput channels appear OK, but ATSC/Qam and IPTV and all mixed up. I have Qam channel names married IPTV channel settings, missing channels and wierd orders. Any ideas?

Here is my ATSC channels.conf. Even if you don't have ATSC, add one working channel from your setup with my channels.conf and you should be able to see the same effect.

13-WREXDT_(WREX-DT) NBC_Affiliate qam;WREXDT:519000000:B8M256:A:0:1984=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:1:0:33230:0
14-WREXDT2_(WREX-DT2) CW_Affiliate qam;WREXDT2:567000000:B8M256:A:0:2176=2:0;[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:6:0:33265:0
16-WTVODT2_(WTVO-DT2) MyNetworkTV_Affiliate qam;WTVODT2:567000000:B8M256:A:0:2240=2:0;[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:5:0:33265:0
17-WTVODT_(WTVO-DT) ABC_Affiliate qam;WTVODT:519000000:B8M256:A:0:2112=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:3:0:33230:0
21-WHADT PBS_Affiliate qam;WHADT:93000000:B8M256:A:0:4928=2:0;[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:70:0:33428:0
23-WIFRDT_(WIFR-DT) CBS_Affiliate qam;WIFRDT:495000000:B8M256:A:0:1984=2:0;[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:1:0:32894:0
24-WIFRDT2_(WIFR-DT2) Independent qam;WIFRDT2:495000000:B8M256:A:0:2048=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:2:0:32894:0
39-WQRFDT_(WQRF-DT) Fox_Affiliate qam;WQRFDT:495000000:B8M256:A:0:2112=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:3:0:32894:0
71-Local_Origination-LOOR017 Cablecast qam;LOOR017:561000000:B8M256:A:0:2368=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:1:0:33279:0
72-Educational_Access-EDAC020 Educational qam;EDAC020:561000000:B8M256:A:0:1984=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:3:0:33279:0
102-WTTWDT_(WTTW-DT) PBS_Affiliate qam;WTTWDT:741000000:B8M256:A:0:2304=2:0;[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:3:0:33260:0
109-Lifetime_Movie_Network Satellite qam;LMN:693000000:B8M256:A:0:2048=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:2:0:33429:0
117-TV_Guide_Network Satellite qam;TVGN:561000000:B8M256:A:0:2240=2:0;2241=e[email protected]:0:0:2:0:33279:0
137-QVC Satellite qam;QVC:573000000:B8M256:A:0:2112=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:6:0:33266:0
160-MTV-Music_Television Satellite qam;MTV:579000000:B8M256:A:0:2496=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:104:0:33267:0
210-CSPAN Satellite qam;CSPAN:585000000:B8M256:A:0:2496=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:201:0:33268:0
211-CSPAN2 Satellite qam;CSPAN2:585000000:B8M256:A:0:1984=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:202:0:33268:0
212-WHADT3_(WHA-DT3) PBS_Affiliate qam;WHADT3:93000000:B8M256:A:0:5056=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:500:0:33428:0
213-WTTWDT3_(WTTW-DT3) PBS_Affiliate qam;WTTWDT3:741000000:B8M256:A:0:2048=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:5:0:33260:0
220-WHADT2_(WHA-DT2) PBS_Affiliate qam;WHADT2:93000000:B8M256:A:0:4992=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:400:0:33428:0
235-ION_Life Satellite qam;IONLIFE:537000000:B8M256:A:0:2496=128:0;[email protected]:0:0:10:0:33201:0
239-WGN_SAT_HD Satellite qam;WGNHD:543000000:B8M256:A:0:2240=128:0;[email protected]:0:0:1:0:33206:0
243-WTTWDT2_(WTTW-DT2) PBS_Affiliate qam;WTTWDT2:741000000:B8M256:A:0:1984=2:0;[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:4:0:33260:0
355-WTTWDT4_(WTTW-DT4) Independent qam;WTTWDT4:741000000:B8M256:A:0:2112=2:0;[email protected]:0:0:6:0:33260:0
692-Big_Ten_Network_Overflow Sports_Satellite qam;BIGTENO:129012500:B8M256:A:0:2112=2:0;[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:1:0:33210:0
835-Telemundo_Television_Network Network qam;TELE:549000000:B8M256:A:0:2816=2:0;[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:1:0:33430:0
994-Comcast_Central_On_Demand Cablecast qam;COMCDM:543000000:B8M256:A:0:1984=128:0;[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:11:0:33206:0
996-Kids_Video_Guide_On_Demand Cablecast qam;KIDVGDM:543000000:B8M256:A:0:2048=128:0;[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:12:0:33206:0
997-Sports_Video_Guide_On_Demand Cablecast qam;SPOVDM:543000000:B8M256:A:0:2176=128:0;[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]:0:0:14:0:33206:0

These channels.conf details are generated with the atsc plugin, although the names and channel numbers are added by a script. The rid is needed to pull in a limited EPG.
"latest git" is not a git revision. specify the full version and repository url please.
opdenkamp / dushmaniac

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opdenkamp/xbmc, last pulled 6pm us central time yesterday 09 March 2011 (-6 GMT).
Am compiling now a git I pulled an hour ago. 8.20am us central

(Still has same behaviour - as expected).

As an aside, Channel 17 above disappears completely, but Channel 21 is called Channel 17. It has channel 21's settings and epg and a random icon..
next time, type "git log -1" or "git log --oneline -1" and specify the exact git revision.

try deleting ~/.xbmc/Database/TV*.db and restart xbmc. if it doesn't work, please pastebin a full xbmc debug log.
opdenkamp / dushmaniac

xbmc-pvr [Eden-PVR builds] [now included in mainline XBMC, so no more source link here :)]
personal website: [link]

Found a problem with PVR? Report it on Trac, under "PVR - core components". Please attach the full debug log.

If you like my work, please consider donating to me and/or Team XBMC.
commit 2da13246f1b38e8810c73c4ca900a05174303ccf

For comparison, here is the pastebin for:
commit 88675c069f15fda62f8726794b785170fa46f1db
this is an issue with the vdr addon, which is only returning 16 channels or returning different channels with the same unique id.

you'll have to contact one of the vdr addon developers for this.

(and just specifying that nice hash after "commit" is enough btw :-))
opdenkamp / dushmaniac

xbmc-pvr [Eden-PVR builds] [now included in mainline XBMC, so no more source link here :)]
personal website: [link]

Found a problem with PVR? Report it on Trac, under "PVR - core components". Please attach the full debug log.

If you like my work, please consider donating to me and/or Team XBMC.
vdr-vnsi currently returns the channels Sid, which is not unique, as unique id. the problem with vdr is that the actual channel id is a string composed of several parameters, example: "S19.2E-1-1089-12003-0". vdr also uses this id to identify timers and epg.
Can we use frequency * sid? This should be unique? Although I suppose different tuner types could contradict? I suppose you could add a weight depending on tuner type. Take the letter, A, S, I, P and times the value against the alphabet to frequency * sid. Not sure how you would do different satellites? Times by orbital position?
i don't think we can create a unique hash which fits into 32bit. what about this:

- use client channel number as uid for vnsi, this would restore the old behavior
- a user defined uid: the last field of a line in channels.conf, RID, is typically not used.
- make this configurable in the addon's settings
Rid could work, but then all channels.conf's would need handling, and auto updates might delete the rid data..

Client channel number is probably best. Just rememeber to delete the XBMC TV.db if changes are done.

Or a lookup table.. Something which could create a hash based on the vdr channel id and saves it in a seperate file..

So if a VDR channel ID is:


Create a 32bit mask based on the information. A * 0 * 33230 * 1 = 33230 (assuming A = 1)

So the table would be:

A-0-33230-1 = 33230
A-0-33265-6 = 199590

I suppose if we have huge numbers we could run out of bits pretty quick..

VDR channel id's change depending on things like tids and nids and things..
a lookup table which is maintained by the vdr plugin. it holds pairs of the real unique client ids and integer values. each time the vdr-vnsi-plugin is asked to transfer channel/timer/epg data, it will lookup the int value for the unique channel id. if there is already one, fine, if not, a new pair must be created. every time a new new pair is created the map has to be persisted in a file. this file must not be deleted without deleting the tv database.

how does this sound?
Sounds good. If it was editable as well that could be good in case an error is introduced.
As an aside. I have two instances of vdr-vnsi, one is called - vd-plugin-vnsiserver, the other vdr-plugin-vnsiserver2 which runs one port higher as I have two xbmc frontends. The file could be shared by both plugins or should take on the name of the plugin.

If the TV.db and EPG.db files are deleted would the plugin file need to be deleted, or will xbmc be able to recreate it?

Latest git doesn't pull in all VDR channels00