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XBMC not optimized for large music libraries/low powered systems?
(2012-01-26, 20:02)BULLIT Wrote: How did you accomplish this? If you don't mind me asking.

(2012-03-13, 17:40)DaMizZa Wrote: I'm also curious to know how this was done

For Windows based setups, just use commandline utility ROBOCOPY which you can freely download from Microsoft's site in their Resource Kit packages. It can be used to copy, sync, mirror folders across machines using either drive mappings or UNC paths. ( )

Resource Kit d/l URL:
(note: that link is for the 32bit version that will run on WinXP and Win2003 / original WHS version).

While I don't do the thumbnail syncing thing myself, I do a number of other things in my XBMC setup using Robocopy and it works like a charm. Just create a batch/cmd file with one Robocopy cmdline for each machine you want to sync with. The command should include the full path to the thumbnail files on one machine and the destination path to the thumbnail folder on another machine. Then use the builtin Windows scheduler service to schedule running that batch/cmd file on any one of your machines (preferably your server if you utilize one) on a regular basis at whatever frequency you like.

Note: While Robocopy itself is a windows executable/utility, the source and/or destination targets that you specify do not have to be Windows machines and can be anything that you address via a UNC name/path.
(2012-01-26, 20:02)BULLIT Wrote: How did you accomplish this? If you don't mind me asking.

OK, y'all got me thinking. So I decide to try to build an addon to do this. Here's the thread for the addon. It's not even close to working yet, but just wanted you to be aware of it, and hopefully also get some input.

(2012-01-26, 20:02)BULLIT Wrote:
fbarwell Wrote:My ultimate solution was to keep the thumbnails on the local clients, and then each night I run a scheduled task on the server that synchronizes them all between the machines. After that xbmc ran like a charm. Very very snappy response times.

How did you accomplish this? If you don't mind me asking.

Theres another approach I took today for this by installing allway sync on my server and syncing my main xbmc thumbnail folder with other xbmc htpc's throughout the house. Allway sync monitors the thumbnail folder of each machine so no matter where I update the library it will sync to the other machines.

So when I update library a, allway sync sees a change in the folder on library a and syncs it to library b and c. I have live monitoring on with a 1 minute delay in syncing. Im not seeing a decrease in performance from my server thats running allway sync but I did notice the "hd/sd icon and movie rating werent appearing right away.
Well, here we are at the start of September 2014 and I'm hitting this problem like a brick wall.

Does anyone have any advice for the idiot (me) insisting on accessing his entire music library (300,000+ mp3s) from XBMC?

I have all of them on a 4 terabyte drive internal to the XBMC machine, so remote access is not an issue. It's just the sheer number of files. They're broken into 29 folders (!, 0-9, A-z). If I try to even load them one folder at a time on this 8gb machine, strange gaps in data and corruptions occur on-screen after the third folder.


You seem to be hitting a very different problem, with a library 10 times as large as the OP in 2011.

Please create a seperate thread and be sure to include details on your setup, debug logs (wiki) and screen shots.

XBMC not optimized for large music libraries/low powered systems?51