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first attempt at compiling
hi-- this is my first attempt at compiling.

i have december xbox sdk, a dvd-r release of visual studio .net 2003, and i followed frodo's directions to get the source code from sourceforge through wincvs.

everything seems to work okay until i load up the solution in visual studio .net. it gives me 4 errors when it tries to load.

it says the following four things are not available:


i checked-- all 4 files are actually in the directory, so what did i do wrong?

thanks for any help you can provide...
sorry dunno. but i have to move it to the "support help" forum. we decided that all compiling related issues belong to the support forum since many ppl only compile xbmc without actualy coding for it. Smile
read the xbmc online-manual, faq and search the forums before posting! do not e-mail the xbmc-team asking for support!
read/follow the forum rules! note! team-xbmc never have and never will host or distribute ms-xdk binaries/executables!

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